Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 581

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Chapter 581: A chance to live (Part 3)

“You, you all.”  Qi Yu Long looked at these old brothers of his eyes eyes filled with disbelief.

“Big brother, when you go down, us brothers will burn money for you!”


Since they made their decision, the men didn’t show any mercy as their blades all aimed for fatal areas.

Ye Yu Xi moved to the side to watch these men killing each other.  That Qi Yu Long’s cultivation was higher than the others by two realms, so after taking a few slashes, he began to gradually gain an advantage.  He used his speed to quickly circle around the others.

Kill, kill, kill!

Killing them all meant he wouldn’t die!

Qi Yu Long’s eyes were blood red as he fought thirty-forty men alone.  After another ten minutes, there were only a few people left standing.

“Big, big brother.”  The final man looked at his old big brother and didn’t have the courage to attack.  He wanted to beg for mercy, but Qi Yu Long didn’t give him a chance.


With a slash, the man’s head fell to the ground.

Guang dang.

Qi Yu Long threw the blade in his hand to the ground and looked over all the blood corpses.  These were all his old brothers, but Qi Yu Long began laughing.

Ha, ha, ha!  I won……I won!”

Qi Yu Long’s eyes were lost as he stumbled into the forest, only his body was very stiff.

Ye Yu Xi looked at Qi Yu Long’s appearance and allowed him to leave.  This kind of person, he acted evil normally, so he deserved all of this.  For it to reach this level today, it could already be considered a punishment for him.

“Such a ruthless girl…..but I like it.”  Xing Zi Ming looked at Ye Yu Xi with no expressions, but ripples did appear in his heart.

“Miss, thank you for saving me before, I still haven’t learned this miss’ name yet.  If you could reveal it, Xing Zi Ming will definitely repay you in the future!”

Ye Yu Xi looked at Xing Zi Ming approaching her.  This person…..was quite scheming, “Ye Yu Xi.”

“This one still has other things for now.  This ring just came from that Qi Yu Long, it should have some money in it, so I’ll give it to this miss first.  I will definitely repay the gratitude of saving me in the future.” Xing Zi Ming didn’t come too close to Ye Yu Xi.  He came a few steps away and threw the ring over.

Ye Yu Xi looked at Xing Zi Ming and didn’t say anything.  She just moved her hand to catch that ring, “I won’t send you off.”

Xing Zi Ming never thought that Ye Yu Xi would be this decisive, not even saying a few words.  He opened his mouth, but he couldn’t say a single thing. He just cupped his hand and headed off.

“You are definitely the most evil woman I’ve ever seen.”  Bai Jin Yi was standing behind Ye Yu Xi, as the words Ye Yu Xi said to those men before echoed in his mind.

The more he thought about it, the more surprised he was.  This little girl Ye Yu Xi, she definitely knew how this would end beforehand.  Personally killing dozens of his brothers, the person that lived, even if he didn’t die, he would still be half mad.

This kind of person, it would be hard for them to escape this mountain.

“You are the most shameless man I’ve ever met.”  Ye Yu Xi responded. With Ye Yu Xi’s personality, how could she endure Bai Jin Yi’s taunts without saying a thing?

Bai Jin Yi wanted to say a few words to Ye Yu Xi to play with her, but his face suddenly changed.  He quickly jumped out and instantly appeared behind Ye Yu Xi.

He grabbed Ye Yu Xi and Bai Jin Yi suddenly flew ten meters away.

Pu!  Si, si.

A long spear landed where Ye Yu Xi had just been standing.  There was a faint black energy around the spear and wherever the black energy went, it made si, si sounds.

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