Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 580

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Chapter 580: A chance to live (Part 2)

Pu, pu!

This time…..Ye Yu Xi didn’t make a move as that crazed man wildly swung his large blade and instantly cut down two of his brothers.

“Kill him!”

Finally someone spoke up, but…..they were not pointing at Ye Yu Xi, but rather that crazed man.


Ye Yu Xi’s figure finally stopped and drops of fresh blood kept falling from the Soul Devourer Blade in her hand.

“I’ll give you all a chance to live.”  Ye Yu Xi’s clear voice rang out.

Guang dang!

A man who was considered quite smart instantly threw down the weapon in his hand, signaling he was giving up on resisting.

Guang dang, guang dang!  The men kept throwing down their weapons.

Ye Yu Xi looked at these people and a deep disgust flashed in the bottom of her eyes!

“Humph~I’ve already said it, of all of you, only one will have a chance to live.  The last person standing, I won’t kill.” Ye Yu Xi’s cold voice rang through the mountains.

After saying this, Ye Yu Xi moved to the side.  She didn’t make a sound as she watched the changes with these people.

Xing Zi Ming and Bai Jin Yi looked at Ye Yu Xi at the same time, but the two of them had different thoughts.

Bai Jin Yi’s lips had a smile as he thought: This girl really has many tricks.  This kind of method, it’s perhaps the best punishment for these people! Being robbers half their lives, killing people for half their lives, finally……they will die by their brothers’ blades.  It has to be said, this is a kind of tragedy.

Xing Zi Ming was thinking: This girl, so ruthless!  This kind of evil method, yet she says it so easily.  It seems like I can only befriend them……

Gudong, gudong.

The men kept swallowing their saliva with difficulty.  This kind of choice, it was a very good chance for them…..However……these people were clear that the first person to make a choice would definitely…..die!

This was because after the first person made a move, the other people could use revenge as an excuse to take care of them!

Ye Yu Xi saw the reactions of these people and she knew what they were thinking, but Ye Yu Xi was not worried.  In moments of life and death, there would be people who took risks and gave things a try.

“Bro, brother, as long as you let, let me go, I’ll give all my money to you.  How, how about it?” Qi Yu Long’s neck was under someone else’s blade, he didn’t dare make any rash moves.  He tried discussing terms with Xing Zi Ming behind him in a low voice.

Qi Yu Long didn’t know Xing Zi Ming’s identity, but he could only hope now that Xing Zi Ming was a greedy person.

“Alright, but you need to give the stuff to me first.”  A strange glow flashed in Xing Zi Ming’s eyes.

“Alright, alright!”  On the border of life and death, Qi Yu Long wouldn’t hide anything.  He quickly took the Space Ring off his finger and raised his hand to give it to Xing Zi Ming behind him.

Xing Zi Ming revealed a smile and took the ring before kicking out, sending Qi Yu Long to the ground in front of him.

“Now, I let you go.  As for whether you can keep your life or not, it’ll depend on you.”  Xing Zi Ming’s voice rang out.

But the meaning of Xing Zi Ming’s words…..were very clear!  Qi Yu Long, if he could kill all his brothers, naturally he could live!

Hearing Xing Zi Ming’s words, Ye Yu Xi slightly narrowed her eyes.

This brat, he was a bit interesting.  When they saved him, he acted like he was weak and almost fooled her a bit.  But looking at him now, this kid seemed to be quite smart.

Hua la!

Qi Yu Long fell to the ground and suddenly heard the sounds of weapons all around him.

Qi Yu Long looked up and around him were his brothers that he ate and drank with each day.  They had already surrounded him.

These men all had guilty looks in their eyes, but their faces were determined.

He could already guess what his brothers wanted to do, so Qi Yu Long’s expression fell.

“Big brother, your cultivation is too high.  Your brothers are sorry!  Charge!” A man called out and over ten large blades slashed at Qi Yu Long at the same time.

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