Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 582

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Chapter 582: King of Hell’s Palace (Part 1)

Ye Yu Xi’s eyes turned cold and she looked at where she had been standing where there was a spear stabbing the ground.  On the hilt of the spear, there was a person standing there who was also wearing the same grey cloak. The only difference with the other three people from before was that there was a “Yan” character on his cloak.

“I never thought that in a small Ice Mist Country, there would be someone that could kill my three disciples.”

An extremely unpleasant voice came from the cloak, it was a bit like a crow’s caws.

“Careful, this person is an expert of the ninth spiritual level.”  Bai Jin Yi’s face was serious. He slowly released his hand holding Ye Yu Xi and took a soft step forward, keeping Ye Yu Xi behind him.

“Who are you?”  Bai Jin Yi looked at that grey cloak.  His body’s spiritual energy was already revolving.

“You’re this young and your cultivation isn’t bad, but killing my people, you two can only die!”  That grey cloak moved without any wind and spiritual energy wings appeared on his back.


As the grey cloak floated in the air, a withered hand was stretched out and formed a claw.  The spear stuck in the ground floated up and landed in his hand, humming while floating in the air.

“This is bad.”

Ye Yu Xi knit her brows and bit her tongue.  The pain in her tongue cleared her mind. She looked at the person in the air who unlike Bai Jin Yi and his golden wings, he had a pair of grey wings flapping on his back.

Just the humming of his spear was enough to cause people’s minds to fall into chaos, such powerful cultivation!

Naturally Ye Yu Xi couldn’t use the same move.

“Humph, quite sensitive, not bad, not bad.  I can take you back and make you my cauldron.”  Laughter came from the grey cloak. With a wave of his hand, the spear swung out in an arc.


Bai Jin Yi’s eyes changed.  Putting Ye Yu Xi behind him, a layer of golden spiritual light came out in front of him.

That golden light was like a barrier, protecting Bai Jin Yi and Ye Yu Xi.

Pu, pu, pu.

Several dozen streaks of black energy appeared and slammed into Bai Jin Yi’s golden barrier.

“Brat, who are you!  Daring to interfere in my King of Hell’s Palace’s matters, are you not afraid of the King of Hell’s Palace eliminating nine generations of your family!”  The grey cloak’s aura changed and the surrounding black energy surged, becoming more penetrating.

“I’ll hold him in a bit, you seize that chance to make a move and use your mental energy.  His cultivation is higher than mine, so we only have one chance to kill him.” Bai Jin Yi’s lips moved slightly and he spoke in an extremely low voice.

Ye Yu Xi nodded and gave an un sound.  This was Ye Yu Xi’s first time seeing Bai Jin Yi this serious!

“King of Hell’s Palace?  Never heard of it before.  Even cats and dogs dare to name themselves this?”  Bai Jin Yi taunted as golden wings came out of his shoulders.  He went two meters into the air and looked at the grey cloak in midair.

“Oh?”  The person who said he was from the King of Hell’s Palace saw the colour of Bai Jin Yi’s wings and his voice was filled with a bit of surprise, “So it’s someone from the Medicine King Valley!  No wonder you’re this arrogant even though you’re this young!”

“Huo Ling……”

Ye Yu Xi stood there and watched the two facing each other in the air.  She secretly called Huo Ling in her mind and told him a few things.

Huo Ling appeared on Ye Yu Xi’s back and gradually melded into Ye Yu Xi’s body.

“Flying spiritual technique?”  The grey cloak spoke in a surprised voice.

On Ye Yu Xi’s back, a pair of flame red wings were gently flapping, raising Ye Yu Xi into the air.

Bai Jin Yi also slightly narrowed his eyes.  The wings on Ye Yu Xi’s back…..it was a bit familiar!

It’s Huo Ling!

Bai Jin Yi had seen Huo Ling transform before.  He never thought that Ye Yu Xi could actually combine with Huo Ling!

“Flying spiritual technique, it’s a good thing.”  There was a flash of light from the cloak. After that, the entire mountain side was filled with a stench.

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