Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 579

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Chapter 579: A chance to live (Part 1)

The mountain breeze blew through a loose strand of hair on Bai Jin Yi’s forehead. Bai Jin Yi’s star like eyes glowed like torches, looking very normal, but people didn’t dare look right into them.

“You, you…..”  Qi Yu Long saw this scene.  With his fifth spiritual level cultivation, when had he ever seen this before!


Bai Jin Yi’s star like eyes turned cold and he gave a cold snort, releasing a ring of spiritual energy from his body.

Qi Yu Long was heavily hit and he went flying, landing in the group of people.

“Go, go, all of you go!  Cut him to death!” Qi Yu Long struggled to stand up, pointing left and right.

Ye Yu Xi saw the mercenaries charging at her with raised blades, indeed they were robbers dressed as mercenaries.  Her lips curled into a bloodthirsty smile and a bit of anger flashed in her beautiful eyes. It had been several days since her Soul Devourer Blade had seen blood!


Spiritual energy came from underneath Ye Yu XI’s feet and she turned into a shadow.  She quickly charged into the camp of the robbers.

One against a hundred.

Ye Yu Xi charged in and was immediately swallowed by this “sea of people”.

Xing Zi Ming saw the scene in front of him and jumped to his feet.  He picked up the sword thrown to the ground and his eyes no longer had the weak look of before, rather…..there was a look of determination!


His sword swung out and made a faint whistling sound.  Xing Zi Ming followed after Ye Yu Xi who charged in first and charged into battle.

Only Bai Jin Yi stood there without moving.

Bai Jin Yi looked at the aura Xing Zi Ming was releasing and slightly narrowed his eyes, “Eight spiritual level cultivation.  It seems like the Flying Star Villa does have some power in the southeast region.”

Shua, shua, shua.

Ye Yu Xi charged into the robbers and was like a fish in the sea or a bird in the forest.  Each time her dagger elegantly slashed out, she emotionlessly took a person’s life.

So many people…..directly died.  They didn’t even have a chance to make a sound.


After half a minute, no one from the robbers dared to charge forward.

They stood in rows and formed a circle, surrounding Ye Yu Xi.

Under Ye Yu Xi’s feet, the stones and soil under her feet were dyed red with blood and the air was filled with a rich blood smell.

“This, this young miss.  Mistake, it’s a mistake.”  Qi Yu Long finally reacted.  This time he had kicked a steel plate!

In front of absolute power, quantity…..had no use at all!

“Mistake?  If it wasn’t for that young master being strong, I’m afraid we wouldn’t even have a chance to talk!”  Xing Zi Ying had appeared behind Qi Yu Long at an unknown time. The sword in his hand had silently been placed at Qi Yu Long’s neck.

Ye Yu Xi looked around and those men looked at her like they were looking at a death god.  Her lips curled into an elegant smile and after that, Ye Yu Xi disappeared on the spot.

This time…..she had really disappeared!

This group of people who were only in the third or fourth spiritual level, they couldn’t follow Ye Yu Xi at all.

Ah, ah, ah!

Pitiful cries came one after another.

The hands of many people began to tremble as they looked left and right, searching with wide eyes for that figure that wasn’t too tall.  But only when people fell down, they noticed that figure was already gone.

Among the remaining people, pitiful screams kept ringing out and filling everyone’s ears.

“Come, come!  Kill me if you have the skills!”

A large man wielded his large blade.  His eyes were red and his hands were trembling as he roared out.  That man was filled with absolute fear and finally couldn’t take it, being driven into madness by Ye Yu Xi’s strange killing methods!

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