Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 561

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Chapter 561: Face slapping, number one genius (Part 3)


With a clear sound.

Ye Yu Xi stood there and she didn’t move at all.  She casually raised her hand and blocked Jia Qiong’s attack.

Jia Qiong’s expression changed.  Her other hand directly came up and turned into a blade in midair, chopping at Ye Yu Xi’s neck.


Ye Yu Xi still didn’t move.  She only raised two fingers, perfectly poking the back of Jia Qiong’s hand.  It seemed like a very simple movement, but there was a powerful force contained within.  It directly forced Jia Qiong’s palm up.


Jia Qiong raised another foot and kicked at Ye Yu Xi’s stomach.

Before this, Jia Qiong had also sent this kick at Ye Yu Xi before.

This time, Ye Yu Xi didn’t dodge it and allowed Jia Qiong’s kick to land on her body.

Ye Yu Xi who should have been sent flying was strangely standing there without moving.

It was like Jia Qiong’s attack had hit thin air.

Jia Qiong’s eyes popped out.  How was this possible!  Her attack……

“Is that enough?”  A smile of disdain appeared in Ye Yu Xi’s lips, “The Ice Mist Country’s number one genius and the Mingyue Sect’s number one person only has this kind of strength?”

With a “pa” sound, Ye Yu Xi grabbed Jia Qiong’s leg.  She took a step forward and with a flick of her hand, Jia Qiong was sent flying.

Jia Qiong turned in the air and landed on the ground.  Her eyes looking at Ye Yu Xi didn’t contain any disdain at all.

When she fell onto the ground, Jia Qiong heard Ye Yu Xi’s voice again.

“Remember my name!  I am Ye Yu Xi!”  When Ye Yu Xi’s voice fell, she disappeared on the spot.

So fast!  This is bad, she couldn’t keep up!

Jia Qiong’s eyes changed and she didn’t have time to consider who Ye Yu Xi was.  When Ye Yu Xi began moving, Jia Qiong could still keep up with Ye Yu Xi’s movements.  When Ye Yu Xi was using all her speed, Jia Qiong’s eyes couldn’t keep up at all.


In front of everyone, Ye Yu Xi landed a crisp slap on Jia Qiong face.

With this slap, Ye Yu Xi’s hand was still raised and didn’t go down.

Jia Qiong……was stunned!

Jia Qiong was stunned on the spot.  Even if Ye Yu Xi slashed her now, Jia Qiong wouldn’t react at all.

But Ye Yu Xi used the most common method for women, a single slap to the face.

“This palm is from me for Bing Ya.”  Ye Yu Xi’s voice was cold.

Their surrounding was completely silent.

Even Li Peng Pu was so stunned by this scene that he couldn’t say a single word.

Jia Qiong……Ice Mist Country’s number one genius…..was actually slapped by someone!

Moreover, it was such a clean slap.

“If you scram now, I can not injure you.”  Ye Yu Xi had a faint smile on her face.

“You deserve death!”  Jia Qiong reacted to this situation.  This bitch actually slapped her! If this matter was known, that the Ice Mist Country’s number one genius was slapped by someone during a competition, her fame as a genius would make her a laughing stock!

“Oh?”  Ye Yu Xi raised one brow as she looked at the enraged Jia Qiong, “What?  You won’t submit if I don’t beat you?”

“Die!”  There was a flash of light in Jia Qiong’s palm and a sword appeared.


The sword stabbed at Ye Yu Xi’s chest.  Jia Qiong was very fast, but Ye Yu Xi was faster.

Ding, pa!

The first sound was the dagger in Ye Yu Xi’s hand blocking Jia Qiong’s sword.  The second sound was Ye Yu Xi’s palm…..

Bai Jin Yi watched Ye Yu Xi happily playing around with her slaps on the stage and his lips revealed a smile.

This little girl, she really understood people’s hearts.

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