Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 562

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Chapter 562: Face slapping, number one genius (Part 4)

For a person like Jia Qiong, her face was more important than her life!

If Ye Yu Xi did this and it was spread, Jia Qiong would be ridiculed by people for the rest of her life.

“You!”  Jia Qiong’s eyes popped out and the flames of rage filled her heart.  The sword in her hand formed a flower and stabbed out at Ye Yu Xi.

Ding, pa!

Ye Yu Xi casually jumped out and slapped Jia Qiong’s face again.

This time, it was even more crisp compared to before.

If one had to ask, Ye Yu Xi’s foundation was already at a heaven defying level and her cultivation was firmly in the middle seventh spiritual level.  Compared to Jia Qiong’s initial seventh spiritual level cultivation, she was only stronger and not weaker. Ye Yu Xi still had mental energy and could use it to find opportunities, so she threw Jia Qiong far away.

Other than Jia Qiong having a bit more fame, in terms of strength, they couldn’t compete at all!

This fight was destined from the beginning to be a one sided fight.

“Bitch!  I’ll kill you!”  Jia Qiong’s hair was messy from the two slaps and her face was slightly swollen.  If it wasn’t for Jia Qiong’s seventh spiritual level cultivation and strong power, if it was anyone else, they would have been slapped into a pig head.

Being filled with rage, Jia Qiong’s attacks had already lost all reason.  She wildly stabbed out with her sword.

Ye Yu Xi gave a cold snort as she said, “You were too wild before!”

She looked at the timing.


Another slap flew out and it swept across her face.  Ye Yu Xi didn’t use any spiritual energy, otherwise with her cultivation, she would have sent her head flying with a single slap.

Jia Qiong’s aura became wild as Ye Yu Xi’s slap sent her flying.  She rolled in the air twice before landing on the ground.


Li Peng Pu on the side finally couldn’t sit still.  If they kept fighting, the one being embarrassed was not just Jia Qiong.

Even the Mingyue Sect’s face would be beaten by the other side.

“Stop?  Who do you think you are?  I’ll stop just because you want me to, then wouldn’t I not have any face?”  Ye Yu Xi completely ignored Li Peng Pu and slowly walked towards Jia Qiong.


Li Peng Pu slapped the armrest and suddenly stood up, shattering that chair into pieces.

A fierce aura was released from Li Peng Pu and surrounded Ye Yu Xi on the stage.

Once Li Peng Pu moved, Bai Jin Yi’s eyes turned cold.  His mental energy was locked onto Li Peng Pu and as long as he dared move, Bai Jin Yi would directly kill this old sneak.

Ye Yu Xi felt the pressure from Li Peng Pu and felt no fear at all.  She moved like normal as she came beside Jia Qiong.

Jia Qiong saw Ye Yu Xi moving towards her and she didn’t even have the courage to stand up.  Her legs were just pushing her body backwards.

“You, you, leave!  Don’t come near me!  Leave!” Jia Qiong was like a terrified little girl as she looked at the death god in front of her.

Ye Yu Xi looked at Jia Qiong whose mind had been shattered and a deep disgust appeared in the bottom of her eyes.

A person like Jia Qiong, normally she used her superiority to posture and looked down on people.  When someone surpassed her, her heart would be filled with jealousy.

Stepping off, she kicked Jia Qiong’s waist and sent her flying off the stage.


Taba Ying Bo looked at Ye Yu Xi’s back and in his eyes, it was like he was watching an immortal descending from the heavens, a level that people could never reach.

Taba Ying Bo had completely submitted from the bottom of his heart.  Seeing what happened to Jia Qiong, Taba Ying Bo knew that when he had fought with Ye Yu Xi, the other side had held back quite a bit.

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