Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 560

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Chapter 560: Face slapping, number one genius (Part 2)

Li Peng Pu watched the scene in front of him and revealed a faint smile.  This time they had brought three geniuses of the sect, there was nothing to worry about with this competition.

Fang Leng Qing sat there with a serious look in her eyes.  According to their previous plan, the one on stage now should be her and not Jia Qiong, but without knowing why, Jia Qiong suddenly made a move.

Fang Leng Qing saw Ye Yu Xi on the Blue Jade Peak side, but since they were several meters away and adding in the fact Ye Yu Xi was looking down over Dongfang Bing Ya’s injuries, Fang Leng Qing wasn’t certain.  She only felt that she was somewhat familiar.

“Young miss Ye, I hope that you can help with today’s matters.”  The fourth elder looked at Ye Yu Xi and considered it before letting go of his pride to ask for help.

Ye Yu Xi stood there and said in a cold voice, “I’m helping Bing Ya, not the Blue Jade Peak.”


Ye Yu Xi stepped off and when she appeared again, she was already on stage.

“Oh?  It seems like the Blue Jade Peak has some skilled people.”  Jia Qiong’s eyes opened slightly. Although Jia Qiong didn’t recognize Ye Yu Xi, based on the feeling that she gave her, she knew that this person was not simple.

The previous Yang Xing Jian and Dongfang Bing Ya were sheathed swords, but this girl in front of her was like a blade that only revealed a cold glow while being covered in killing intent.  She couldn’t see through her at all.

Gezhi, gezhi.

Seeing Ye Yu Xi’s appearance, Fang Leng Qing’s hands tightly gripped the armrest of her chair.

“I’ve heard that you’re very strong.”  Ye Yu Xi softly said this as she shot out.

Un?  Her movement technique wasn’t bad.

Jia Qiong still maintained her pride.  In Jia Qiong’s eyes, Ye Yu Xi was a sword she couldn’t see through, but that didn’t pose any threat to her at all!

Dong, dong, dong.

The fists of the two clashed.

With each hit, Jia Qiong was forced a step back.  After three punches, Jia Qiong was already force back over two meters.

Rubbing her slightly numb fists, Jia Qiong’s face became serious, “Blue Jade Peak, when did they gain someone like you?”

“Big sister Qiong, it was them who hurt me back then!”

From the Mingyue Sect’s side, a man’s voice rang out.

Bai Jin Yi looked at the source of the sound and enemies really met on a narrow path.  That wild brat Jia Wu was also here.

Looking at the arrogant looking Jia Qiong on stage, Bai Jin Yi thought, they really were from the same family.

“Un?”  When Jia Qiong heard her little brother’s words, she looked over at Ye Yu Xi.  When her little brother had been injured, she had never found out who had done it.  Based on Jia Wu’s words, it seemed to be this slut in front of her.

“It seems like your Jia Manor’s people are all this arrogant.”  Ye Yu Xi also saw Jia Wu.

“What is your name?  Beating the Jia Manor’s people, do you know the consequences?”  Jia Qiong asked Ye Yu Xi in a cold voice.

Ye Yu Xi’s lips curled into a smile, as she thought, was there something wrong with this Jia Qiong’s head?

“Beating the Jia Manor’s people?  What if I also beat you?  What would be the consequences?”  Ye Yu Xi said this while stretching her wrist.

“Arrogant!”  Jia Qiong’s eyes popped out and a palm flew out at Ye Yu Xi.

Jia Qiong’s palm created wind and even the people sitting on the side felt the palm wind fall onto their bodies like cold blades.

The faces of the second, third, and fourth elder became serious at the same time.  Jia Qiong…..she was actually this strong!

Seventh spiritual level……

This palm had power at the seventh spiritual level.

Ye Yu Xi’s reaction seemed slow.  Only when Jia Qiong’s hand was in front of her did she slowly raise her hand.

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