Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 532

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Chapter 532: You think I would believe that!

A calm voice with a trace of anger sounded beside Jiang Feng Hua.

“You, you!”  Jiang Feng Hua turned his head while trembling a bit.  His palm was placed on the handsome young master’s shoulder, but…..he couldn’t use any strength at all!

“Who sent you?  Speak and perhaps I can spare your life.”  Bai Jin Yi revealed a smile without any warmth and his eyes were as cold as ice.

Bai Jin Yi’s voice was very soft and Jiang Feng Hua didn’t immediately respond when he heard it.

“Die!”  Jiang Feng Hua suddenly shouted.  He released a spiritual energy that made the blue flames in his hand even stronger.  His hand grabbed this flame and he threw it at Bai Jin Yi’s chest.

Jiang Feng Hua was in the eighth spiritual layer and the two of them were this close, so he moved very quickly.  However…..the golden flames were even faster.


Jiang Feng Hua was only a few inches away from Bai Jin Yi’s chest when the golden flames had climbed onto his arm.

“Ah~~”  Jiang Feng Hua’s arm was filled with pain and the blue flames were completely swallowed by Bai Jin Yi’s Empty Starry Night Flames.  Then the golden flames attached to Jiang Feng Hua’s arm and continued to burn.

“Ah——”  Jiang Feng Hua twisted his body and screamed out in pain, but he didn’t dare use his hand to touch the flames.

Jiang Feng Hua was clear in his heart that it was a Strange Flame!  A Strange Flame that was several times stronger than his Beast Flame!  If he used his hand to touch it, it would just make him die faster!

Bai Jin Yi looked at Jiang Feng Hua rolling on the ground and he released his mental energy with a thought.  The Empty Starry Night Flames slowly peeled away from Jiang Feng Hua’s body under Bai Jin Yi’s control.

“If you don’t speak, you’ll also lose the other arm.”  Bai Jin Yi softly said.

Jiang Feng Hua was panting.  In just a few seconds, his arm had already been turned into ashes by the Strange Flame, reaching all the way up to his shoulder.

“No, no one ordered me.”  A flash of light passed through Jiang Feng Hua’s eyes.

“An alchemist without his hands and no skills can be considered crippled.”  With another thought from Bai Jin Yi, the golden flames moved a bit closer to Jiang Feng Hua on the ground.

“If, if I speak, will you spare me?”  Jiang Feng Hua’s eyes were filled with panic as he watched the golden flames approaching him.

That strange flame, not only did it burn Jiang Feng Hua’s army, it burned most of the spiritual energy inside him.

Bai Jin Yi nodded.

“Alright, I’ll speak.”  Jiang Feng Hua swallowed a mouthful of saliva and slowly said, “It’s the seventh prince.”

“Un?  He, he.”  Bai Jin Yi began laughing.

His eyes turned cold and the Empty Starry Night Flames began to move onto one of Jiang Feng Hua’s legs.

“Ah——”  Pained cries came again.

When Bai Jin Yi took back the Strange Flame, Jiang Feng Hua’s foot had also been turned to ash.  The wound was burnt black and not a single drop of blood flowed.

“The seventh prince?  You are a respected eighth spiritual level expert and the vice chairman of the Ice Mist Country’s Alchemist Guild, would you listen to a little prince?  You think I would believe that!” Bai Jin Yi’s voice became a bit louder, causing a chill to run through whoever heard it.

“Between life and death, it is a very easy choice.”  Bai Jin Yi’s voice softened again and he continued pressuring Jiang Feng Hua.

“I, I don’t know who they are.  A few years ago, there were two mysterious people who looked for me, having me do things for them.  I couldn’t defeat them, I, I could only submit.” Jiang Feng Hua’s eyes dimmed a bit and he spoke the truth.

“Mysterious people?  What did the two of them wear?”  Bai Jin Yi asked.

“One, I couldn’t remember one of them, it was always the other one who contacted me.  Each time he came, he would wear an ash grey cloak.” Jiang Feng Hua saw Bai Jin Yi’s indifferent face and was afraid that Bai Jin Yi didn’t believe him, so he added, “I’m telling the truth!  You said you would spare me!”

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