Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 531

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Chapter 531: You want to lie to me with this bit of skill?

“I don’t dare, I don’t dare.”


Ye Yu Xi said this, but her wrist flicked and without raising her hand, the Soul Devourer Blade flew at Jiang Feng Hua.

Jiang Feng Hua revealed a sneer.  Ye Yu Xi’s little movement, it was no different from a child throwing a stone in his eyes.

Jiang Feng Hua’s feet didn’t move and his head slightly leaned to the side, allowing the Soul Devourer Blade to fly right past him.  It went into the wall behind Jiang Feng Hua with a “sou” sound.

“Humph!”  Jiang Feng Hua gave a cold snort.  He wanted to make a move when he saw Ye Yu Xi’s figure becoming larger in front of his eyes.


Jiang Feng Hua released spiritual energy under his feet and he also charged at Ye Yu Xi.


The two of them were incredibly fast.  Although Jiang Feng Hua was strong, he couldn’t hit Ye Yu Xi.  Their fists passed each other and with the energy under their feet, they changed places.

When he was still in the air, Jiang Feng Hua’s lips revealed a smile of disdain and his heart was complacent, “Can’t even see this little trick.  Ignorant junior, you’re still too young.”

Jiang Feng Hua’s method changed.  Turning around, he jumped beside Bai Jin Yi.

Bai Jin Yin in Jiang Feng Hua’s eyes had no cultivation at all.  If he took this gigolo hostage, he could use him to threaten Ye Yu Xi…..


Jiang Feng Hua landed a claw on Bai Jin Yi’s shoulder and he revealed a complacent smile.  He looked at Ye Yu Xi not far away, “Take out the Hundred Flower Hands and I can let your lover go, otherwise!”

“Otherwise, what?”  Ye Yu Xi looked at the complacent Jiang Feng Hua and was not in a rush to make a move.

“Otherwise, this gigolo will see the king of hell!”  Jiang Feng Hua’s eyes turned cold. He flipped his other hand and with a hong sound, a light blue flame appeared.

“Oh?  A Beast Flame?”

Ye Yu Xi could feel the temperature from the flame in Jiang Feng Hua’s hand and the temperature was about the same as her Beast Flame.  It seemed like this Jiang Feng Hua had some trump cards.

“You’re saying that if I don’t take out the Hundred Flower Hands, you’ll kill him?”  Ye Yu Xi looked at Jiang Feng Hua. With a wave of her hand, a suction force pulled the Soul Devourer Blade in the wall back into Ye Yu Xi’s palm.

“Ye Yu Xi, I urge you to be sensible.  Don’t force me to kill.” Jiang Feng Hua’s eyes sparkled as his attention was completely focused on Ye Yu Xi.

“You secretly followed me, you think I will believe you?  If I take out the Hundred Flower Hands, I’m afraid I’ll die even quicker!”

How could Ye Yu Xi not know Jiang Feng Hua’s personality?  He didn’t use the Beast Flame immediately because he was afraid that if he killed her, he wouldn’t be able to find the Hundred Flower Hands.  So, he took Bai Jin Yi hostage, but…..Taking Bai Jin Yi hostage, Jiang Feng Hua had picked the wrong person.

“It seems like without giving you a demonstration, you won’t take it out!”  Jiang Feng Hua’s expression sunk and he wanted to make a move.

“Wait!”  Ye Yu Xi suddenly raised her hand.

“Humph, you’re considered sensible.  As long as you take out the Hundred Flower Hands, I let this gigolo go.”  Jiang Feng Hua’s eyes revealed a look of joy. He didn’t see that when he said gigolo, Bai Jin Yi’s eyes had already turned cold.

“Humph~~”  Ye Yu Xi’s lips moved a bit before she gave a cold laugh, “Before you make a move, it’s best you look behind first.”

“You want to lie to me with this bit of skill, you think that I am…..”  While Jiang Feng Hua was speaking, his expression suddenly changed!

He suddenly turned around and in front of his eyes was a sea of flames!

Jiang Feng Hua saw the golden flames behind him and his eyes almost popped out.  This heat…..

“There are some people you can’t offend.”

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