Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 533

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Chapter 533: That was him, not me!

Faced with an enemy several times stronger, Jiang Feng Hua was in a complete panic……

“Alright, I won’t kill you.”  Bai Jin Yi nodded. He remembered what Jiang Feng Hua said as with a thought, the wall of flames turned into a current and went back into his body.

“Thank, thank you.”  Jiang Feng Hua saw the wall of flames disappear and he revealed a smile.


When Jiang Feng Hua relaxed, a cold glow came from behind Bai Jin Yi and entered Jiang Feng Hua’s chest.


Jiang Feng Hua looked down at the dagger in his chest before looking back at Bai Jin Yi.  His lips quivered as he weakly said, “You, you said, you wouldn’t kill me…..”

“That was him, not me.”  A cold voice came from behind Bai Jin Yi.

Ye Yu Xi came over and looked at Jiang Feng Hua on the ground.  Raising her hand and forming a claw, she used the Dark Poison God’s Art to suck the Soul Devourer Blade back into her hand.

“When you followed us, you should have prepared to die.”


The Soul Devourer Blade flew out and blood spewed out of Jiang Feng Hua’s chest.  His eyes quickly dimmed of all light and his head tilted before death took his body.

“You can be considered unlucky meeting her.”

“Do you recognize the ash grey cloak he mentioned?”  Ye Yu Xi felt Bai Jin Yi moving behind her and she asked him this without turning around.

“I don’t know it, but I’ve seen it.”  Bai Jin Yi didn’t hide anything this time.

“He injured you?”  There was a slight rise in Ye Yu Xi’s voice.


“What is his cultivation?”

“You can’t beat him.”

The two of them went back and forth as they headed to the Mu Manor.

This place wasn’t far from the Mu Manor and they reached it in just half an hour.

“Big sister Yu Xi, why are you back only now?”

Nangong Ying Xue, Mu Xue Qing, and Dongfang Bing Ya were sitting in the gazebo drinking tea.

“There was something on the way that delayed us a bit.”  Ye Yu Xi softly said.

“Big sister Yu Xi, your matters has already spread all over the city.  We just came back and there were many people on the streets saying that the seventh prince was blind.”  Mu Xue Qing happily said.

But when Ye Yu Xi heard this, she was not happy.  Ye Yu Xi’s mind wasn’t focused on this at all.

“Big sister Yu Xi, what happened?”  Nangong Ying Xue saw that there was something off with Ye Yu Xi.

“There’s news on Qing’er and the others.”  Ye Yu Xi’s vermillion lips softly parted.

“Who did it!”  The three stood up at once and spoke at the same time.

Ye Yu Xi let out a long sigh and softly said, “The seventh prince, but….I feel this matter is not that simple.”

“You chat first, I’m going back to rest.”  Bai Jin Yi saw that they were planning to talk, so he left first.

Ye Yu Xi didn’t stop him and she looked at Nangong Ying Xue, “Ying Xue, call the fatty and the others over first.  There is something I need to discuss with them.”


Nangong Ying Xue walked out, leaving behind the three sisters who went to the main hall.

After a while, the fatty and the others quickly came over.  Each person had a serious expression, it seemed like Nangong Ying Xue had already told them.

“Boss, where are Qing’er and the others?!”  When the fatty came in, he immediately called out.

“Young miss.”

“Young miss.”

“Young miss.”

Shi Qing, Bai You, and Ye Wen all greeted Ye Yu Xi.

Ye Yu Xi waved his hand to let them sit down.  Looking over everyone, she slowly said, “I want to leave for a few days.”

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