Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 410

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Chapter 410: Ye Hui appears

“I’m laughing at some people, I’m afraid their intestines are turning green in regret now!”  The third prince didn’t hide anything when he spoke, deliberately letting the seventh prince hear him.  With Ye Yu Xi’s current display, it was a certain thing that she would pass the alchemist test!

“Yu Rou, do you know the person down there?”  Xiahou Hong Shi, General Xiahou sat in the special seats, looking down at Ye Yu Xi down below with a serious expression.

Xiahou Yu Rou sitting beside him shook her head and bit her lips, “In the Heaven Mountain Range, I recognized most people there.  There were two mysterious people who wore cloaks the entire time, speaking in hoarse voices. It seemed like…..one of them was an alchemist…..”

Xiahou Yu Rou remembered the scene back in the tent.

“Oh?”  Xiahou Hong Shi’s thick brows jumped up.  He didn’t say anything as he recorded Ye Yu Xi’s name in his heart.

On the second floor, there were many different families and forces that had the same thoughts.

An Alchemist Guild staff member quickly ran off as soon as Ye Yu Xi’s flame appeared, reporting this matter to the higher up members of the Alchemist Guild!


On the first floor, Ye Yu Xi focused on the change with the material in the cauldron.  The herbs were quickly purified and turned into spiritual liquid.

In less than half an hour, Ye Yu Xi had already purified four-five herbs.

There was a noise that came from the old man’s cauldron to the side as spiritual energy spread in all direction.  It seemed like it was another failure.

Ye Yu Xi didn’t care about others at this time.  Although it was a first grade pill, in front of all these people, especially Bai Jin Yi, Ye Yu Xi was too embarrassed to refine it a second time.  Her heart became serious and she began to concentrate on controlling her Beast Flame.

While Ye Yu Xi was focused on refining, the door on the second floor opened and a fine looking middle aged man came in with many people following him.

“Look, that seems like the chairman Ye Hui!”

“Un?  It’s true!  It’s already been seven-eight years since he showed himself, why is he here today!”

The third prince also heard everyone’s discussion and he looked at the door.  He revealed a happy look as he prepared to stand up, but Bai Jin Yi spoke first.

“Your highness, no need to rush.  It’s better to watch for now.” Bai Jin Yi had been looking at Ye Yu Xi the entire time, almost not looking away once.

Bai Jin Yi had a reason to stop the third prince, rather it was to help the third prince.  With Bai Jin Yi’s cultivation, he naturally noticed Ye Hui as soon as he appeared.

What Bai Jin Yi focused on was that the seventh prince was already standing and moving over.  However, Ye Hui was completely focused on the test on the first floor.

“Chairman Ye, long time no see.”  The seventh prince personally came forward and greeted Ye Hui.

“Seventh highness, this old man still has other matters, I’ll talk to your highness later.”  Ye Hui said with a dark face. He turned to the follower behind him before looking back at the station on the first floor, “That is the young miss?”

“Yes!”  The follower behind him respectfully replied.

Ye Hui didn’t pay any attention to the seventh prince.  He walked over to the veranda and looked down, watching Ye Yu Xi as she refined.

The seventh prince was given the cold shoulder!  This was the first time it had happened in the Ice Mist Country!  He was a prince of the country, which family didn’t treat him like their ancestor?  But just now…..

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