Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 411

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Chapter 411: Honorary elder

The third prince saw his little brother being given the cold shoulder and he was filled with joy!  Seeing chairman Ye’s display, it was clear he came out for Ye Yu Xi. If he had gone up to greet him, he would have been given the same embarrassment as the seventh prince!

Thinking of this, the third prince admired Bai Jin Yi who had spoken up to stop him.  This young master with the surname Bai…..

The third prince began watching again.

Ye Hui saw Ye Yu Xi’s skillful movements and his lips quivered before he ordered the follower behind him, “Go and prepare a honorary elder token.”

“Yes!  Chairman.”  The follower replied as their heart filled with shock!  Honorary elder, this was only granted to alchemists who had made special contributions to the Alchemist Guild!

Could the chairman be planning to give one to the little girl in her teens that was taking the test?

Ye Yu Xi didn’t know she had drawn out such an important person.

She focused completely on refining.  The herbs were all refined and the spiritual liquid turned in the cauldron.

Under the control of Ye Yu Xi’s spiritual energy, that spiritual liquid kept turning and twisting as bits of impurities were drawn out.  The spiritual liquid inside the cauldron gradually became round and it formed a spherical shape.

Ye Yu Xi’s lips curled into a smile.  She slowly took back her hand and the turquoise flame inside the cauldron slowly began to fade.


Ye Yu Xi’s palm was filled with spiritual energy as she slapped the cauldron which let out a trembling sound.

For a while, medicinal fragrance spread in all directions, even filling up the second floor.

This medicinal fragrance…..Could it be this girl didn’t refine a first grade pill, but rather a second grade pill!

A normal first grade pill definitely wouldn’t have such a rich medicinal fragrance!

Some people with knowledge on the second floor instantly had their faces will with expectation.

Even Ye Hui, when he smelled this fragrance, his expression changed slightly.  But after a while, Ye Hui’s expression changed and he said in a dark voice, “Follow me down.”

Ye Hui had been refining pills for many years and was familiar with the details of many recipes.  Just based on the medicinal fragrance, Ye Hui knew the name of this pill.

In the Alchemist Guild’s test, there was no precedent of a top level first grade pill recipe being used for a test!

Such a young first grade alchemist, was the master behind her a normal person?

With Ye Hui’s mind, he instantly understood everything!  There was someone playing tricks with this test!

What Ye Hui needed to do was pull in this genius with everything he could.  This talent…..it was even comparable to his son!


In the hall on the first floor.

Ye Yu Xi picked up a white jade bottle on the side.  She slapped the cauldron with one hand, causing the pill to fly out.  She held out the white jade bottle and the pill fell right into the bottle.

The surrounding light cover disappeared.

Ye Yu Xi only noticed now that the hall was completely silent!

Even the large and old man to her sides were looking at her like they were looking at a monster.

“Congratulations to this miss on passing the alchemist test!”

In front of everyone, Ye Hui followed by a few followers came down to the first floor from the second floor.

Ye Hui had personally come down to congratulate someone passing the first grade alchemist test, this was a first!

Coming forward, Ye Hui waved his hand to have the examiners retreat as he revealed a smile.

He reached out to take a token from behind him and placed it in front of Ye Yu Xi as he said, “Young miss Ye, this is our Alchemist Guild’s token.  From this moment forth, young miss Ye will be an honorary elder of our Alchemist Guild.”

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