Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 409

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Chapter 409: Not simple!

The recipe was very tricky, so in this kind of situation, it was hard to say if anyone had tempered with the ingredients or not.  At this time, it was better to look it over first since Ye Yu Xi didn’t care about this time at all.


Ye Yu Xi flipped her hand and a turquoise flame appeared in her palm.

After that, the Beast Flame entered the cauldron and burned bright.  The burning aura slammed into the spiritual light cover wave after wave.

“Increase the strength!”

The expressions of the large men surrounding the station changed.  For the aura of the flame itself to attack the spiritual light cover, that was a first for an alchemist test!

When the turquoise flame appeared, the hall instantly became silent.  After that, there were waves of intense discussions that followed!

“Quickly look, that flame is very strange!”

“That is…..a Beast Flame!”

“Not simple!  It seems like we made a mistake now!  Anyone that can use this kind of flame is not a normal person!”

There were many family heads who didn’t have a good view of Ye Yu Xi, but their expressions change as they all praised Ye Yu Xi.

“This, this is…..”

The seventh prince’s eyes narrowed and there was a sinister glow that flashed in his eyes!

“This Beast Flame, it’s a bit like the one in the Heaven Mountain Range!  Could it be…..”

The seventh prince thought over it.  There was a group of Mingyue Sect disciples that went to the Heaven Mountain Range to find the Beast Flame and Jia Qiong sent someone over to tell him that Yan Hua didn’t come back, only Fang Leng Qing came back!

If his guess wasn’t wrong, the one who killed Yan Hua was very likely Ye Yu Xi!

When the seventh prince thought of this, there was a look of joy that flashed in his sinister eyes.

If it was really Ye Yu Xi who killed Yan Hua, that was easy to take care of!

If a second grade alchemist was killed, no matter how strong Ye Yu Xi was, she couldn’t escape being chased by the Mingyue Sect!

Ye Yu Xi sent a Beast Flame into the cauldron and without any hesitation, with a flick of her hand, a piece of herb entered the cauldron and was quickly refined.

Ye Yu Xi controlled the Beast Flame with one hand while her other hand kept throwing materials into the cauldron.


The over two hundred pound large man to Ye Yu Xi’s left saw the speed Ye Yu Xi was refining at and her turquoise flame, becoming shocked!

He lost concentration and he couldn’t control his flame as he failed his refining.

Song Lan Er was also stunned as she stood in the main hall on the first floor.

Most of the other candidates who failed had already left, only Song Lan Er and some people who wanted to watch the fun stayed.

Song Lan Er was hoping that Ye Yu Xi would make a mistake and she was waiting for Ye Yu Xi to fail to show herself off.

However…..The casual flame Ye Yu Xi released had shocked Song Lan Er!

“Impossible…..Impossible!”  Song Lan Er’s eyes were filled with shock.  She had already been learning alchemy for two-three years, so naturally she knew what the colour of that flame represented…..

On the second floor, the third prince saw the turquoise flame and his eyes became more serious.

After watching Ye Yu Xi for a while, the third prince suddenly broke out in laughter.

“Ha, ha, ha, good!  Young miss Ye truly is shocking!”

“Third highness, why are you laughing?”  Bai Jin Yi saw Ye Yu Xi’s display and also revealed a trace of a smile.  Although he already knew Ye Yu Xi’s strength, seeing Ye Yu Xi being praised by everyone like this, there was a trace of pride in his heart.

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