Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 400

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Chapter 400: Teasing the fly

When they came over, there were more horse carriages and sedans that appeared in the area.  It seemed like quite a few families and forces came for this alchemist test!

“Young master, you really came!”  Song Lan Er who had taunted Ye Yu Xi before on the street saw Bai Jin Yi and excitedly jumped up on the spot.  She ran over and stood in front of Bai Jin Yi.

“Ai, look at my daughter!”  Song Yuan Dong looked at his daughter Song Lan Er and let out a sigh.  He helplessly looked at the acquaintances around him.

“Old Song, Lan Er has such high innate talent, she will definitely take one of the top spots in the alchemist test this time!  I’ve could tell from the tone of the Alchemist Guild’s vice chairman, that old man was filled with praise for Lan Er’s talent! That girl Lan Er is just a bit naughty, you have nothing to be dissatisfied with!”

A family head on the side comforted Song Yuan Dong.

“I’m satisfied, I’m satisfied.”  Song Yuan Dong said these two sentences.  He gestured with his hand to let them go first before he went into the Alchemist Guild with that family head.

“Young master, do you remember me?  I am Song Lan Er! We just met!” Song Lan Er looked at Bai Jin Yi with a bright smile, very expectant of this young master’s response!”

“Did we meet?  Why can’t I remember?”  Bai Jin Yi’s performance as a fool was perfect, it was as if they really hadn’t met before.

“Young master?  We just met!” Song Lan Er thought that Bai Jin Yi was teasing her.  After pretending to be angry, she came over to grab Bai Jin Yi’s hand.

There was a look of disgust that flashed in Bai Jin Yi’s eyes and he slightly moved his body, dodging Song Lan Er’s little white hand.  He looked over at Ye Yu Xi and asked, “Yu Xi, have you seen this girl before?”

Ye Yu Xi shook her head.  Bai Jin Yi was acting the fool, so naturally she would play along.

“What about you guys?  Did we just meet her? Why do I only remember meeting a large fly?”  Bai Jin Yi looked over at Nangong Ying Xue and Mu Xue Qing to the side.

“Young master Bai, how could you be wrong!  On our way over, we met a fly and didn’t meet anyone.  If we met a beauty like this young miss, you must have remembered wrong!  Xue Qing, don’t you think I’m right?” Nangong Ying Xue looked at Mu Xue Qing with eyes filled with laughter.

“Right, right.  We only met a somewhat arrogant fly, we didn’t meet anyone else.  We definitely didn’t see this young miss.” Mu Xue Qing’s mouth was even more toxic, directly teasing Song Lan Er.

Bai Jin Yi nodded with a faint smile.  He looked back at Song Lan Er and elegantly said, “See?  Young miss, my friends said they didn’t see you either. I think…..did you recognize the wrong person?”

“You!  You all!  Humph! All of you just wait!  This old lady will take care of you all!”

If Song Lan Er couldn’t tell that she was being played, she would really be a fool!  Stepping down, she angrily charged towards the Alchemist Guild.

While she was walking, Song Lan Er angrily cursed in her head: Ye Yu Xi, you slut, just wait!  Even if you recovered your talent, so what! Wait until this old lady becomes an alchemist and stomps you to death!

Ye Yu Xi’s group watched Song Lan Er deflated appearance and looked at each other before breaking out in smile.

Even Bai Jin Yi had a trace of a smile on his face.

“Big sister Yu Xi, that is the royal carriage.”  They moved forward a few more steps and Nangong Ying Xue saw two horse carriages to the side.  They were luxuriously decorated and were bigger compared to the other carriages, so they should be specially used by the royal family.

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