Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 399

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Chapter 399: Song Lan Er

“Young miss, I’ll have to trouble you to move, you’re blocking our way.”  The one who spoke was Bai Jin Yi!

Bai Jin Yi had been looking around previously and that girl hadn’t seen Bai Jin Yi’s face, only knowing that he was a man.

Now that Bai Jin Yi spoke, the girl finally saw him.

Bai Jin Yi’s face had an evil charm that made the girl a little surprised when she saw him.  After being a bit stunned, she blinked and spoke to Bai Jin Yi.

“Hello young master, I am Song Lan Er.  I’ve come to participate in the alchemist test, I welcome you to come and watch.”  While speaking, Song Lan Er also threw out a few flirtatious winks~~

Bai Jin Yi revealed a faint smile and there was disdain that appeared in his eyes, but he didn’t show it on his face as he casually replied, “I’m not going.”

But Bai Jin Yi didn’t say if it was because Song Lan Er was going or not!

“Young miss, the old master is waiting for us at the Alchemist Guild, should we…..”  An old housekeeper walked over and reminded Song Lan Er in a small voice.

“Alright, alright, I know.  We’ll quickly head over, you’ve been bothering me this entire trip.”  Song Lang Er impatiently waved her hand, having the old housekeeper return to the horse carriage first.

After sending off the old housekeeper, Song Lan Er looked back at Bai Jin Yi and said in an enticing voice, “Young master, you have to come~~”

After saying this, Song Lan Er looked over at Ye Yu Xi with a gaze of disdain.  With a flip of her head, she turned back to the horse carriage and continued moving on.

During this entire process, other than the words Bai Jin Yi said, the other three didn’t open their mouth.

Only when Song Lan Er’s horse carriage was far away did Ye Yu Xi speak.

“I never thought you would be this popular.  I can see you’re not married, why not marry her?”  Ye Yu Xi looked over Bai Jin Yi and it was clear she was deeply disgusted by Song Lan Er’s actions just now.

Bai Jin Yi revealed a smile and said nothing.

“Young miss, that Song Lan Er was someone from Ningyuan City.”  Nangong Ying Xue moved beside Ye Yu Xi’s ear and gave her the information she knew.

“Ningyuan City?  No wonder she recognized me.”  Ye Yu Xi’s mind stirred before she asked, “Do you know anything else about her?”

“Over the past few days, I’ve sent people into the city to collect information on people with any fame and they mainly gathered information on people from Ningyuan City, which included Song Lan Er.  Her Song Family is from Ningyuan City and has always been at heads with the Ye Family, always having a bad relation.”

Nangong Ying Xue gave some basic information on the Song Family.

Ye Yu Xi nodded.  Speaking of this, Song Lan Er had a reason for making her look like a “fool”, but looking at Song Lan Er, it seemed like she was lacking in intelligence……

She looked up and let out a sigh.  Before even reaching the Alchemist Guild, there was already a white lotus causing trouble for her.  It seemed like this time’s test wasn’t going to be peaceful!”

“Big sister Yu Xi, before going forward, should we put on the cloaks?”  The one who spoke this time was Mu Xue Qing. She had been cultivating in her room over the past few days, working hard to raise her cultivation.  She followed along this time was mainly to distract herself.

Ye Yu Xi thought about it and shook her head.  It was too eye catching to put on their cloaks in a place like this.  Moreover, after passing the alchemist test, the news of Ye Yu Xi being an alchemist would spread within the Alchemist Guild, so there was no need to hide her face.

After another passing another two streets, they finally arrived at the Alchemist Guild.

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