Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 401

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Chapter 401: Alchemist test (Part 1)

Ye Yu Xi looked in the direction Nangong Ying Xue pointed and there were two horse carriages parked there, with a guard standing by each horse carriage.  She said in a deep voice, “Let’s go in.”

Under the gaze of the large men guarding the door, their group entered the Alchemist Guild.

The lively atmosphere and the faint medicinal scent inside the Alchemist Guild today was richer compared to usual.  It was unknown if it was because of today’s alchemist test or if it was because of another reason.

In the main hall, it wasn’t as packed with people as one imagined.  The people in the hall was seriously inconsistent with the number of horse carriages outside, there were only people in staff uniform doing their own things.

Ye Yu Xi wanted to ask where the alchemist test was when a blue clothed assistant ran over.

“These guests, are you here to watch or participate in the alchemist test?”  The blue clothed assistant was very polite and had neat clothes, so he gave off a good impression.

“I’m here to participate in the alchemist test, they’re here to watch.”  Ye Yu Xi nodded at the blue clothed assistant, telling him their intentions.

“Young miss, please come with me.”  The blue clothed assistant called over another staff member to bring Bai Jin Yi’s group to the stands.  He brought Ye Yu Xi to a small door to the side.

“Young miss, just go through this door.  After taking care of the formalities, you will head to the test hall.  I wish you luck.” The blue clothed assistant gave a respectful bow before watching Ye Yu Xi walk through the door.

Ye Yu Xi walked in and it was much dimmer inside.

“Hello, I want to enter the alchemist test.”  Ye Yu Xi spoke up.

“Form.”  The one responsible for the registration was the arrogant receptionist girl Ye Yu Xi had met before.

That girl also recognized Ye Yu Xi and there was a strange look in her eyes.  Last time Ye Yu Xi came, she thought this was a family’s young miss who came because she was bored, but she never thought that this girl would really come!

It had to be known, many important people of the capital came today!  It was not just because of the alchemist test, but also for an even more important thing!

The Alchemist Guild’s chairman’s son Ye Zhi Qiu was going to take the second grade alchemist test today!

Most of the carriages outside were all here to watch Ye Zhi Qiu’s test!

There was a flash of light from Ye Yu Xi’s Space Ring and the registration from from last time appeared, which she handed over.

“Ye Yu Xi, number twenty three.  This is your number on stage, follow the order of numbers in going up.”  The girl followed the regulations and told Ye Yu Xi the rules of entering.

Ye Yu Xi took the token from the girl and looked over it.  She revealed a courteous smile to the girl before entering the passage to the test site.

After Ye Yu Xi left, the face of the girl at the registration desk changed, as if she remembered something.  She shook the bell behind her.

After a while, a blue clothed assistant came in front outside.

“Report to young master Ye that the girl name Ye Yu Xi is here to take the test.”  She gave him an order.

The blue clothed assistant agreed and went to the second floor.


Ye Yu Xi went down the several dozen meter long tunnel and there was an unlatched wooden door at the end, revealing light from the gaps.

Pushing open the door, a brightly lit hall appeared in front of her.  The hall was as bright as day, being excellently lit up.

In the hall, there were five stations at the center of the stage which seemed like the place for refining.  There were staff members on stage looking over everything, making sure that everything would be normal when they were being used to refine pills.

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