Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 291

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Chapter 291: Un……It’s a tent


The middle aged man didn’t have time to counterattack, Ye Yu Xi released her turquoise flame from her palm and turned the middle aged man into ashes.

The Beast Flame was truly strong.

Taking care of this person without any effort.  Ye Yu Xi knit her brow, this Beast Flame was stronger than she imagined.  Could it be that this person’s cultivation was too low?

“Boss, you really came right one time.”  The fatty’s body swayed before his butt fell onto the ground, panting with large breaths.

Ye Yu Xi walked in front of the corpses of the guards and slashed out several times with her Soul Devourer Blade.  There were several more marks that appeared on the bodies of the heavily injured guards. She turned back to the fatty and Qing’er.

The fatty was sitting on the ground rest.  He was covered in sweat and blood, but he wasn’t too heavily injured.

Qing’er’s situation was more tragic.  Her face was pale, it seemed like she had lost quite a bit of blood.

Ye Yu Xi took out two Origin Returning Pill for the two of them.

Looking around, Ye Yu Xi didn’t see Shi Qing.  She said to the fatty, “Where’s Shi Qing? He’s not with you guys?”

The fatty shook his head and his voice was a bit worried, “No.  Since Bai Jin Yi left, it was like that brat ate the wrong medicine and went all out on training.  He should be in the west hill.”

“Can you two still move?”  Ye Yu Xi looked over them.

“Un, I’m still fine, young miss.”

“Boss, as long as you command it, I can fight another two tigers.”

Ye Yu Xi quickly led the two of them to the west hill.

The fatty and Qing’er didn’t have enough spiritual energy, they kept falling behind.  Only Ye Yu Xi could do anything.

On the way over, Ye Yu Xi killed another few groups of mercenaries.

On the way, Ye Yu Xi found some things.  These large families seemed to know that it wasn’t safe to move alone in the forest, so they didn’t scattered.  Most of the people she met on the way were mercenaries wandering like scattered fish.

There weren’t many families that came here to steal Extreme Ice Grass.

Not long after, Ye Yu Xi called out Huo Ling to have him investigate in the air.

After a while, Huo Ling’s voice from the air entered Ye Yu Xi’s mind, “Master, master, I haven’t found that many people you mentioned, but I can see a tent.”

“Tent?  What tent?”  Ye Yu Xi replied in her heart.  Could it be that that group of people were camped here?

Huo Ling looked for the right words in his mind and thought of a perfect explanation, “Tent, it’s…..Un…..It’s a tent.”

“Go take a look.”  Ye Yu Xi ignored Huo Ling’s answer, making a decision in a short period of time.


Outside the west hill.

“Reporting to the young master, we’ve caught that brat.”  A follower came to a tent to report.

There were several people gathered in the tent and they weren’t dressed like normal cultivators.  These people were the leader of the forces and they had the final say here.

A young master heard the report coming from outside and he revealed a look of joy.  He stood up from his seat and cupped his hands to the others, “Various uncles, according to our previous agreement, whoever catches anyone and paves the way for everyone else, they will be given an extra portion.  My subordinates are quite good, so I won’t be courteous with these seniors.”

“Humph, you don’t know if it is the group of people helping the Purple Thunder Monkeys yet, what are you showing off for.”

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