Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 292

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Chapter 292: One fighting a group (Part 1)

The people in the tent saw the young master’s proud face and they looked very dissatisfied.

“Youths will always act arrogantly, weren’t we old folks all like this when we were younger?”  Someone said inside the tent.

The people in the tent gave a slight nod.  Some people had no expressions and some people were a bit confused.  They asked everyone, “Why is there no sound outside? Isn’t that brat normally very noisy?  Did he catch the wrong person?”

“So what if they caught the wrong person.  In a place in the Heaven Mountain Range, it is normal for people to die.  In the Ice Mist Country, other than special places like the royal family or the Mingyue Sect, is there anyone else who can compete with us?”

When this was said, there was several people who nodded.  The people who were sitting here were from the noble families of the Ice Mist Country.

To compete for a spot in the Alchemist Academy for their juniors, they came here to find the Beast Flame.  If you wanted to exaggerate, if all the powers in the tent were added together, they could become the third giant of the Ice Mist Country!

While everyone was discussing.

Hu!  Putong!

A human figure “flew” in, rather it was more appropriate to say it dropped in.  

It fell to the ground with a putong sound.

“Aiyo!  Do you know where this is!”  The person that flew in stood up, it was the young master who had just left the tent.

The flap of the tent opened and Ye Yu Xi’s black cloaked figure appeared in the entrance, coldly looking in.



“Who is it!”

Inside the tent, the faces of everyone fell!

The weakest one sitting here was in the fifth spiritual level and there were 30% of the people here in the sixth spiritual level!

But this group of people had been approached by someone without sensing them.

Who was this person?  Everyone’s face changed for a while!

Some of the hot tempered people stood up.  Even if the young master was arrogant, he was one of them.  Now that he had been beaten and even thrown in, where did the faces of the people in the tent go!

“Acting mysterious!”  A large man with furry eyebrows charged at the black clothed person.  Before he even arrived, he sent out a fist.

Although they were inside the tent, the large man with furry eyebrows created a faint breeze.  His strength wasn’t bad.

Ye Yu Xi stood there looking down, not paying any attention to the furry eyebrow man.

When the fist was about to hit her, Ye Yu Xi raised her hand as fast as lightning.  Her slender palm softly pushed against the fist and with the force, she flew out of the tent.

“Want to run!”  The furry browed large man failed and saw the black clothed person running out of the tent, immediately chasing after them.

“Go, we’re also going out!”


Most of the people inside the tent quickly followed after them.

The young master that was thrown into the tent by Ye Yu Xi was ignored by everyone.

Everyone followed them out of the tent and not a single one spoke.  They all stood there with looks of shock as they watched what happened in front of them.

The large man who had chased out of tent had a look of pain as a white hand held the back of his head.  The hands of the furry browed large man were hanging from his side and he already lost the ability to resist!

The leaders of the forces were so shocked that they couldn’t say anything, there was less than five seconds that passed!  But……

In just these five seconds, the furry browed large man was defeated by the other side and had been defeated this thoroughly!

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