Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 290

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Chapter 290: Where are the others

“Qing’er, be careful!”  The fatty’s slash pushed away a cultivator’s blade, protecting Qing’er from the side.  He kicked out to send that person flying.

Qing’er was already exhausted in this moment.  There was little spiritual energy left in her and her steps became much slower.  The sword in her hand could only defend and couldn’t attack.

“Go!  They don’t have much spiritual energy left!”  A middle aged man looked at the fatty and Qing’er not far away and was secretly shocked in his heart.  They never thought that there would be people helping these monkeys!

Although the cultivation of these two people were not high, their movement technique was incredibly fast.  Especially the fatty, he was strangely agile! He had already heavily injured several fourth spiritual level guards and there was even a fifth spiritual level expert who had died by his blade.

The middle aged man watched the fatty bravely fighting, thinking that the fatty could have some kind of high level movement technique.  There was greed that filled his heart as he said with a dark face, “Kill the girl, catch the man.”

There were several guards that charged at the fatty and Qing’er again.

“Damn, still haven’t played enough.  Qing’er, can you still hold on?” The fatty and Qing’er were standing back to back, looking at these guards surrounding them.

“I’m fine, I can keep going.”  Qing’er gritted her teeth. The slightly trembling sword betrayed the situation with Qing’er’s body.

The fatty didn’t care about that much now as he said with gritted teeth, “I’ll fuck your mom!”  The fat body charged at these guards again.

After a few rounds, the fatty and Qing’er were standing back to back again.  There were several more wounds on their bodies, especially Qing’er with blood constantly flowing from her hands.

“Kill them!”  The middle aged man standing to the side looked at the man and woman running out of steam.  They had actually killed two of his guards, filling his heart with dissatisfaction. Being delayed by the two of them, he had less time to hunt monkeys!

The middle aged man waved his hand and the four-five guards roared out as they charged at the fatty and Qing’er.

Qing’er looked at the people charging at her and wanted to block with her guard, but her sore hand no longer listened to her and hung to her side not moving at all.


The guard’s large blade was already flying at Qing’er.

At the most critical moment, a dagger flew through the air and inserted itself into the neck of the guard, taking away his life.

Dong, dong, dong, dong!

Ye Yu Xi moved very quickly.  Jumping up, she sent several kicks to the chest of the remaining guards, taking care of the danger for the fatty and Qing’er.

“Young miss?”


The fatty and Qing’er both had looks of disbelief.  They both knew that the odds were against them today and they could only fight their way out.

They never thought that Ye Yu Xi would appear at the most crucial moment!

Ye Yu Xi took care of fatty and Qing’er’s crisis.  She stood there and coldly looked at the middle aged man not far away.

“You, who are you!”  The middle aged man’s eyes were filled with surprise!

This person’s movement technique…..So strange!

“Where are the others.”  Ye Yu Xi’s voice was very cold as she was covered in killing intent.  Her voice entering his ear was like a bone chilling wind.

The middle aged man trembled without daring to speak.  He was in the fifth spiritual level, but without knowing why, he could not raise any thoughts of fighting back in front of this young girl!

Ge, ge!

Ye Yu Xi attacked as fast as lightning.  There was no movement from her feet, but she appeared in front of the middle aged man.  She held the middle aged man’s neck with one hand and raising the middle aged man high up.

“Eh——Eh!”  The middle aged man’s eyes were filled with shock.  That slender hand looked weak, but it was like iron pincers on his neck!

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