Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 280

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Chapter 280: Blood Origin Pill

“It seems like you want to go all out with me!”  Yan Hua still had a final hope. The pill in his hand could allow his strength to greatly increase, but the side effects were something he could not afford.

“That day in the Ye Manor’s rite of passage, I remember someone also wanted to go all out!”  Ye Yu Xi’s eyes narrowed and the Soul Devourer Blade in her hand coldly glowed.

“Cheap person!”  Yan Hua cursed in his heart.  He gritted his teeth before swallowing the pill in his hand!

Hong, hong, hong!

Large amounts of spiritual energy erupted from Yan Hua and wild medicinal strength filled Yan Hua’s meridians.

Yan Hua’s old face twisted as it formed a look of absolute pain, but the spiritual energy around his body increased several times under the effects of the pill!

Ye Yu Xi saw the change with Yan Hua and she began to move faster.  Yan Hua’s aura was already vaguely higher than hers and it kept rising.  If she let him absorb the pill, he would not be easy to take care of!

She traveled ten meters in the blink of an eye.

The dagger in her hand directly stabbed at Yan Hua’s throat.


A fierce look appeared in Yan Hua’s eyes and he took a deep breath.  He grabbed Ye Yu Xi’s arm and pulled her over.

“Slut, I’ll kill you!  Hu, hu!” Yan Hua still hadn’t fully adapted to this sudden increase in strength and his body movements were a bit unnatural, but Yan Hua’s speed, defense, and attack had greatly increased.

Otherwise he wouldn’t have been able to pull Ye Yu Xi with one hand.

Ye Yu Xi flipped in the air and firmly landed on the ground, looking coldly at Yan Hua in front of her.

The people noticing the change in Yan Hua’s aura was not just Ye Yu Xi.  In the forest to the side, Ye Zhi Qiu, Xiahou Yu Rou, Yan Hao, and the others had arrived not that long ago, currently watching Yan Hua fight this mysterious person.

Yan Hao looked at Ye Yu Xi standing in the open space and the cloak covering Ye Yu Xi.  Although he didn’t recognize this cloak, Yan Hao felt that he had seen this person before.

“It seems like that Yan Hua used his family’s final move.  Big brother Zhi Qiu, do you know what pill that is?” Xiahou Yu Rou tilted her head, looking at Ye Zhi Qiu standing on another tree branch.

Ye Zhi Qiu was the Alchemist Guild’s Master’s son, he grew up with pills, so it was right to ask him about these things.

Ye Zhi Qiu’s eyes flashed with a thoughtful glow as he slowly said, “If my guesses aren’t wrong, that should be a third grade pill.”

“Third grade pill?!”  Xiahou Yu Rou and Yan Hou said in surprise at the same time.

Ye Zhi Qiu nodded, “Looking at Yan Hua’s characteristics and his aura, it should be the third grade Blood Origin Pill.”

“Blood Origin Pill?”  Xiahou Yu Rou, Yan Hao, and the others were stunned again.

“Un.  I’ve never seen it before, but I’ve heard my father mention it once.  It is a pill made by the Mingyue Sect’s chief alchemist Huang Pu Lie.”  Ye Zhi Qiu looked at Yan Hua’s figure, revealing a deep fear, a deep taboo, and a look of faint joy in his eyes.

“In some underground markets, this Blood Origin Pill has already reached a million gold coins.  It seems like Yan Hua has bled this time.” Ye Zhi Qiu added.

“Underground market?”  Yan Hao heard Ye Zhi Qiu’s words and his heart skipped a beat.

The underground market, also known as the black market was in Snow Shadow City, but most of the things there don’t see the light of day.  Almost all of the pills there had some kind of side effect.

“Does this pill have an side effects?”  Yan Hao’s eyes were filled with a faint strange look.

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