Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 279

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Chapter 279: One sided battle

Yan Hao and Old Hong shook their head.  They normally lived in Snow Shadow City and it was quite far from Ningyuan City, so they didn’t know much about Ningyuan City.

Xiahou Yu Rou also shook her head.  A Ningyuan City that was about to lose all competitiveness, it already couldn’t enter the general manor’s eyes, they didn’t even send an informant.

The guard behind Xiahou Yu Rou suddenly spoke up.

“When I passed through Ningyuan City before, I heard people talking about an assassin mercenary group that was just formed a few months ago.  There’s rumours they have a backer and in just a few months, no one in Ningyuan City dares offend them.” This guard finished and didn’t make another sound.

“What should we do?”  Xiahou Yu Rou looked over them, her watery eyes didn’t have any thoughts at all.

“You two are here for the Beast Flame, my target is only Yan Hua.”  Ye Zhi Qiu said in a deep voice.

Xiahou Yu Rou and Yan Hao nodded.  Ye Zhi Qiu is the Alchemist Guild Master’s son, a Beast Flame was not that special in his eyes.

“If the other side is weak, we can…..”  Ye Zhi Qiu drew a faint line on his neck.

Xiahou Yu Rou and Yan Hao looked at each other and nodded, silently agreeing to Ye Zhi Qiu’s suggestion.

They cautiously moved forward.


At the peak of the mountain, Ye Yu Xi was very easily fighting Yan Hua, like a cat playing with a mouse.

If it was before she swallowed the Beast Flame, Ye Yu Xi would have spent a bit of effort to deal with Yan Hua.  After all, her cultivation was in the fifth spiritual level and the difference between each level was giant, with Yan Hua being in the seventh spiritual level.

But now…..Ye Yu Xi had reached the sixth spiritual level and her Dark God’s Poison Art was now high profound grade.

Adding in Ye Yu Xi’s foundation that was better than normal people’s, she could skip levels for fights.

With Yan Hua’s bit of strength, fighting with Ye Yu Xi, he couldn’t even fight back!

Ye Yu Xi revealed a smile as she sent attack after attack at Yan Hua.  Her movements were very smooth and her spiritual energy rotated very smoothly.

“This person is very strong!”  Yan Hua scurried away as his heart filled with regret.

If he knew that this mysterious person was this strong, he wouldn’t have sent Fang Leng Qing’s group into the forest and would have had them block a few moves for him.

Ye Yu Xi and Yan Hua had fought for several rounds and gradually she was more familiar with her body.  Her eyes looking at Yan Hua revealed a cold look.


Yan Hua who was running away suddenly felt the two cold glow behind him and he didn’t dare turn around as he ran even faster.

With Ye Yu Xi’s strength, how could Yan Hua run if she was serious?


Ye Yu Xi’s palm slammed into Yan Hua’s back and Yan Hua’s fragile body flew forward.

While he was flying through the air, he spat out a mouthful of blood.  With a putong sound, he fell onto the grass.

Yan Hua forced himself up.  There was a flash of light in his palm as a pill appeared in his hand.

“I don’t have that much of a grudge with Blood Enchantress, who are you!”  Yan Hua’s eyes were filled with hatred as he looked at the mysterious person.  His hand holding the pill was slightly trembling. This was his final trump card, unless it was a life or death situation, he would not use this pill.

Ye Yu Xi looked at Yan Hua who had been slapped ten meters away and slowly moved towards him as she coldly said, “Since you moved against Blood Enchantress’ people, you were already dead in my eyes!”

Yan Hua’s forehead was covered in cold sweat.

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