Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 281

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Chapter 281: Side effect of Blood Origin Pill

A pill with side effects could be sold for millions of gold coins, this was a rare thing!

“Un, the Blood Origin Pill can be used by those at the fifth spiritual level or above and the user will gain power based on their strength, reaching a cultivation of eighth spiritual level or higher.  But the price is also very big. Most of one’s vitality will be used after using the pill and one can never increase their cultivation again.” Ye Zhi Qiu explained the effects of the Blood Origin Pill to everyone.

Looking at the dark cloaked Ye Yu Xi, Ye Zhi Qiu’s eyes filled with a deep curiosity!  Just who was this person that could force the seventh spiritual level Yan Hua to this desperate point!  However, to him, this was not necessarily a good thing…..


On the mountain peak, Ye Yu Xi’s fist collided with Yan Hua’s fist again.

Ye Yu Xi flipped backwards.  She had used 70% of her strength and it actually couldn’t hurt Yan Hua at all!

The current Yan Hua was a completely different person from before.

“I have strength in the eighth spiritual level now.  Slut, to force me to this point, you are the first, but now you are dead!”  Yan Hua wildly filled his hands with spiritual energy, creating two yellow flames around his arms.

Flames were always an alchemist’s strongest and most skilled method of attacking!

Seeing the flames in Yan Hua’s hands, Ye Yu Xi’s brows jumped up.  The yellow flames were like her spiritual flames before and they were even hotter than her flames, but now…..Compared to her Beast Flame, the flames in Yan Hua’s hands were no different from matches a kid played with.

Ye Yu Xi gave a cold laugh.  Flames? This aunt will play with you!


Ye Yu Xi released all her aura and a wave of heat spread in all directions under her feet.

Yan Hua felt this heat hitting him and his heart filled with doubt.  Flame attributed battle qi? Could it be that this person in front was also an alchemist?


An alchemist was a noble occupation, how could an assassin that didn’t even have a brain in their head be worthy of this occupation.

“All tricks, this old man will send you to see the king of hell immediately!”  Yan Hua angrily roared out, as a ball of spiritual energy flames was thrown at Ye Yu Xi.  His other hand turned into a fist covered in flames, following the ball of flames.

Ye Yu Xi gave a cold snort.  She planned on using her Beast Flame and she had half raised her palms, but suddenly changed her mind.

She dodged Yan Hua’s flame with a turn and Ye Yu Xi used her Dark Poison God’s Art, attacking as fast as lightning.


Yan Hua’s flaming fist was stopped by a white palm and in the blink of an eye, the flames around the fist had been strangely extinguished!


Ye Yu Xi’s hand turned and she grabbed Yan Hua’s wrist, cycling her Dark Poison God’s Art within her body.

Yan Hua saw that his spiritual energy flames didn’t even burn the other side’s clothes, causing his eyes to become bigger and his face fell!  The spiritual energy in his body kept going out without his control.

What cultivation technique was this!

Yan Hua was shocked, raising his feet to kick at Ye Yu Xi’s feet.

Ye Yu Xi saw Yan Hua’s movements in the corner of her eyes.  She raised one foot high up and stomped down, falling onto Yan Hua’s foot.  Ye Yu Xi used Yan Hua’s strength to flip in the air, letting go of Yan Hua’s fist.

Yan Hua was panting.  That feeling that came from his fist just now filled his heart with fear.  That feeling of not being able to control his power unsettled Yan Hua.

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