Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 226

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Chapter 226: I decide who I marry!

Bai Jin Yi’s pupils slightly became bigger and his thoughts came out, “I won’t accept this marriage.”

“Jin Yi!”  An old man opened his eyes and his eyes glowed, “You are the Medicine King Valley’s young master, there are many things that you must consider for the general good.  I have seen the Bai Hua Family’s third miss before, whether it is appearance or character, she is worthy of you.”

Bai Jin Yi took a deep breath and slowly stood up, “I’ll go see how the young miss’ injuries are!”

When he came to the door, Bai Jin Yi slowly turned around, “I decide who I marry!”

The wooden door was closed behind Bai Jin Yi and the hall was left in silence.

“It’s as the Great Elder expected, Jin Yi won’t agree to this matter of marriage.”  An elder gave an emotional sigh.

“He is the Medicine King Valley’s young master, there are many things that aren’t up to him.”  Another elder said in a calm manner.

“The young master has been gone for half a year, do you guys feel that he is different compared to before?”

“What is different?”

“If it was before, after this matter now, he would have directly stormed out, but he just closed the door.”  A cautious elder said.

“You mean…..Jin Yi found someone outside?”  Another elder had eyes filled with shock!

How is that possible, Bai Ji Yi’s standards were so high!

“Investigate!”  The Great Elder in the main chair finally opened his eyes, revealing a cold look.


Ye Yu Xi had a deep sleep, sleeping until eight the next morning before getting up.

“Young miss!”

Ye Wen training in the yard saw Ye Yu Xi and greeted her.

Ye Yu Xi nodded and looked over the front yard, “What are they doing?”

“Ye Man and Qing’er went out to buy things and the fatty is in the kitchen.  Young miss, what is it?” Ye Wen stopped moving.

“Go and call the fatty over.”  Ye Yu Xi turned to enter the main hall.

After a while, the fatty came into the main hall wearing an apron, “Bosss, what do you need me for?”

“Go and roast a thousand lambs.”  Ye Yu Xi softly said.

“Alright, the kitchen is prepared, isn’t it just a thousand…..Wait a minute, boss!  How many did you say?” The fatty finally reacted and rubbed his eyes. He looked around and said in his heart: Am I in Ningyuan City or the Heaven Mountain Range?!

“One thousand.”  Ye Yu Xi did not reveal any expressions.

The fatty swallowed a mouthful of saliva and gave two empty laughs, “Boss, I feel like I should tell you something.  Our Ningyuan City doesn’t have that many lambs. In the few days we came back, almost all the lambs in the city have been eaten by Long Xiao Pang.  Now when I go to the cattle shop, they point and say that the lamb buyer is back.”

Ye Yu Xi was a bit stunned.  The fatty’s words seemed a bit logical.  They had been busy in the past few days and Long Xiao Pang’s mouth had been even more busy, almost eating all day…..

The fatty let out a sigh and somewhat helplessly said, “Boss, you don’t know without going into the kitchen.  We don’t even use dry wood to stoke the fires, we directly use lamb fur…..Not to mention a thousand lambs, Ningyuan City wouldn’t even have a hundred…..”

Ye Yu Xi: “…..”

She had really neglected these problems.  It seems like she could only buy from the other cities.

While they were pondering this problem, there were knocks on the main door.

Ye Wen went out to open the door and it was Mo Tian Chou and Housekeeper Qiu who came in.

“Oh?  Young master Mo, please come in.”  Ye Yu Xi showed Mo Tian Chou to the main hall.

“Young miss Ye is truly good, the entire city is filled with news about young miss Ye.  Young miss Ye’s yard is still quite clean.” Mo Tian Chou said.

Ye Yu Xi listened to Mo Tian Chou’s praise and the corner of her lips raised, “Young master Mo, is there something you need today?”

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