Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 227

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Chapter 227: Five Dragon Needle Art

Mo Tian Chou nodded and took out a few things from his Space Ring, “The third highness obtained news from the royal capital last night that the emperor’s body suddenly deteriorated.  His highness has already rushed back to the royal capital in the middle of the night. That’s right, the seventh highness should have rushed back after obtaining this news as well.”


Ye Yu Xi’s mind turned.  The seventh prince also rushed back to the royal capital?

She wanted to take the chance when Yan Hua left to “visit” the Ye Manor.  But now it seemed like she wouldn’t have the chance for now.

“After the third highness learned of the good news, he specially told me to come thank young miss Ye.  The number of people under young miss Ye is gradually increasing and this small yard is too small, so this is the yard the third highness is giving the young miss.  Every daily necessity has been prepared and the young miss can move in immediately.” Mo Tian Chou pointed at the title deed and key that had just been placed on the table.

Ye Yu Xi considered it before accepting this yard.

There was some reason behind Mo Tian Chou’s words.  Her current little yard was indeed too small.

“Then I’ll thank the third highness.”

Seeing Ye Yu Xi take it, Mo Tian Chou secretly let out a sigh of relief.  He was really afraid that Ye Yu Xi wouldn’t accept this yard.

This courtyard was worth several tens of thousands of gold coins and if Ye Yu Xi didn’t take it, it meant that she was only guard against the third prince.

“Young miss Ye, other than this yard, this Mo has also come with information for the young miss.”

“Oh?  What is it?”  Ye Yu Xi raised one brow.

Mo Tian Chou took out a thing, it was a gold marked invitation.

“Young miss is a noble person who forgets things.  The Purple Thunder Pill the young miss entrusted to our Primary Martial Auction Hall, I have sent people to auction it in the royal capital, does the young miss still remember?”

Ye Yu Xi thought of this matter.  The Purple Thunder Pill was a normal cultivation pill for Ye Yu Xi, but in the Ice Mist Country, a third grade pill was considered a top class pill.

“Could it be the pill was already sold?”  Ye Yu Xi deliberately revealed a trace of pleasant surprise.

“It hasn’t been yet, but the auction time has been set.  The auction will be a month from now and there will be other treasures auctioned along with it.  If young miss Ye and your two alchemist friends are interested, you can come to our Primary Martial Auction Hall’s capital city headquarters to take a look.”  Mo Tian Chou explained.

Ye Yu Xi picked up the invitation on the table and flipped it over.  The front had the auction location and the time while the back had the objects being sold in the auction.

The Purple Thunder Pill was in a middle position.  Looking further down, there was one familiar name that entered Ye Yu Xi’s sights.

Five Dragon Array?

Ye Yu Xi didn’t understand arrays, but these words made Ye Yu Xi think of something she had encountered on earth, the Five Dragon Needle Art!

The needle art Ye Yu Xi used before to detox the poison was the Tai Yi Divine Needles.  On earth, there was another needle art as famous as the Tai Yi Divine Needles, the Five Dragon Needle Art!

Only the Five Dragon Needle Art was a bit more overbearing.

“I wonder if this Five Dragon Array is related to my previous world’s Five Dragon Needle Art…..”  Ye Yu Xi considered in her heart as she put the invitation into her ring.

It seems like whether there was the Purple Thunder Pill or not, she still had to visit the Primary Martial Auction Hall’s headquarters!

Mo Tian Chou finished his business, so he left Ye Yu Xi’s small courtyard after a few words.

When it was noon, Ye Yu Xi and the others had their lunch before heading to the discussion room.

There was a map of the entire Ice Mist Country on the table.

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