Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 225

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Chapter 225: Giving you a discount

“Magic core?  What is that?”  Ye Yu Xi had a bitter smile.

She had only heart of spirit beasts before, but she had never heard of any magic cores in spirit beasts before!

“Magic cores are the gathered spiritual energy crystals of spirit beast with special bloodlines.  It contains a large amount of spiritual energy and the spiritual energy is the same attribute as the spirit beast.  If a spirit beasts wants to breed a Beast Flame, the first requirement is to refine or swallow a magic core.”

Ye Yu Xi remembered this with a nod.  The longer she cultivated, the more she found that she didn’t understand many things in this world.  Luckily she had this “continental treasure” by her side.

“What is the Extreme Ice Grass then?  Where can I find it?” This Extreme Ice Grass, Ye Yu Xi was certain that this small Ningyuan City didn’t have one.

“This is easy.  The Alchemist Guild exchanges the Extreme Ice Grass with alchemists, but you need to exchange pills for it.  It requires at least one hundred high level second grade pills or ten high level third grade pillss. You can only exchange for a piece of Extreme Ice Grass with this.”  Long Xiao Pang said this very lightly.

One hundred second grade herb and it had to be high level……

When Ye Yu Xi heard this number, she simply calculated it in her heart.  A normal second grade pill could be sold for several tens of thousands of gold coins and if it was high level, it would be worth over a hundred thousand!

A hundred pills…..It was over ten million!  If the first class powers of Ningyuan City were added together, they would at most have a total of several millions!

An Extreme Ice Grass was this expensive, Ye Yu Xi could only give an emotional sigh in her heart.  Alchemy really was a job that burned money.

She remembered the introduction to alchemy in her mind.  90% of alchemists could only remain as first grade alchemists in their entire lives, only a few could become second grade alchemists.

Looking at this, it seemed like heaven and earth treasures like Strange Flames and Beast Flames couldn’t be refined by anyone!

Ye Yu Xi’s eyes lit up.  The things that Long Xiao Pang mentioned all seemed rare and hard to get, but with the current situation, Ye Yu Xi only need to find the spirit beast that had the Beast Flame and one person!

That person was the Mingyue Sect’s second grade alchemist, Yan Hua!

Since Yan Hua was already searching for the Beast Flame in the Heaven Mountain Range, he must be planning on refining it!  The Extreme Ice Grass Long Xiao Pang mentioned, Yan Hua must have some, otherwise how could he refine the Beast Flame?

Ye Yu Xi’s mood instantly became better.  She looked at Long Xiao Pang and saw that he was counting something on his fingers, “What are you counting?”

Long Xiao Pang counted to himself, “Three, four, five…..”

Finally Long Xiao Pang stopped counting and looked like he was suffering a loss, “I just counted it all.  You’ll give me one hundred roasted lambs for each thing I told you and you asked a total of ten questions just now.  Ten questions is one thousand roasted lambs, but since we’re close, I’ll give you a discount. Just take one off and give me nine hundred and ninety nine.”  

When Ye Yu Xi heard Long Xiao Pang’s words, she suddenly realized why he was so enthusiastic in answering her……

Long Xiao Pang muttered to himself, “Humph, little dumb bird, if it wasn’t for the fact there was no more meat, would I have lost to you?  This dragon master will have enough meat this time! Watch how I win!”

While saying this, Long Xiao Pang disappeared from the room.

Only Ye Yu Xi was left alone in the room.  Lying on the bed, she began to calculate what she should do.


Central Plains, Medicine King Valley.

Bai Jin Yi had a slightly deep expression as he sat in the main chair.

In the large conference room, there were several dozen old men sitting there.  Other than Bai Jin Yi, the two youngest people all had white hair.

“The Bai Hua Family’s third miss is very talented, reaching the Yellow Spirit Realm at the age of seventeen.  The Bai Hua Family came to ask for a marriage and we elders have discussed this, coming up with an answer.”

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