Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 224

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Chapter 224: Refining the Beast Flame?

She wanted to ask Long Xiao Pang where the Beast Flame was, but Long Xiao Pang said that unless he saw the meat first, he would not speak even if he was beaten to death!

“Do you know anything else?”  Ye Yu Xi looked at Long Xiao Pang standing there.

Long Xiao Pang blinked his small eyes and looked at Ye Yu Xi, “You’re asking me if there is a Beast Flame in the Heaven Mountain Range or not, are you planning on refining this Beast Flame?”

Ye Yu Xi nodded, thinking that it was certain.

Without waiting for Ye Yu Xi to say her thoughts, Long Xiao Pang looked at her like he was looking at an idiot.

“Is…..there something wrong?”

Since she found a Beast Flame, naturally she had to refine it!  Could it be she should give it to someone else?

Ye Yu Xi was a bit confused.

Long Xiao Pang suddenly sighed, “If it wasn’t for your chaotic space, I would truly be too lazy to save you.  Let me ask you, how do you plan on refining it? Don’t tell me that you’re gonna eat it!”

This question suddenly stopped Ye Yu Xi!

How to refine it, Ye Yu Xi never really thought about it.  When Long Xiao Pang mentioned it, she remembered that it was a flame and not a pill…..

“Eh…..Is there a technique or a method for refining it?”  Ye Yu Xi searched through all the information in her mind and finally she could only admit that she really didn’t know the method of refining the Beast Flame.

Long Xiao Pang revealed a proud expression, “Beast Flame is a bit simpler.  Let’s talk about Strange Flames first. If you want to successfully swallow a Strange Flame and use it for yourself, there are several things you can’t lack.  First is a swallowing cultivation technique.”

“Swallowing cultivation technique?”  Ye Yu Xi was stunned. Swallowing flames was related to cultivation techniques?

Long Xiao Pang nodded, “There are many kinds of cultivation techniques on the Purple Cloud Continent, but swallowing cultivation techniques are rather rare and normal people can’t obtain them.  Even among alchemists, not everyone has one. At most, a tenth of the alchemists have a swallowing cultivation technique. Your luck isn’t bad, that «Dark Poison God’s Art» can be considered a swallowing cultivation technique.  So when you swallow Strange Flames, you don’t need to worry about cultivation techniques.”

Ye Yu Xi thought about it and indeed, even with the several hundred cultivation techniques in the chaotic space, the only swallowing cultivation technique she had met was the Dark Poison God’s Art!

“To swallow a Strange Flame, other than the cultivation technique, what else is required?”

“Other than the cultivation technique, there is the Space Stone.  The Space Stone is one of the key materials needed to make Space Rings.  However, you have the chaotic space, so you can not worry about that. You’re trying to refine Beast Flame this time, so the things required are much more simpler than refining a Strange Flame.  The key thing is to find a herb!”

“Herb?”  Ye Tu Xi was stunned again.  Aren’t all herbs afraid of flames?

“Everything in this world has its match, whether it is Beast Flames or Strange Flames.  They are much hotter than normal flames and some Strange Flames can directly burn you into nothing.  With this kind of high temperature, touching it directly, not to mention your cultivation, even your little husband would be turned to ashes!”  Long Xiao Pang licked his fingers as he explained.

Ye Yu Xi was shocked in her heart.  Bai Jin Yi was strong enough to kill the Dragon Snake, but he couldn’t block the heat from a Strange Flame?

“What herb is required?”  She gave a long breath. This concerned her life and death, Ye Yu Xi had to be careful with this!

Long Xiao Pang softly said, “Actually these things can’t be considered herbs because other than being used to refine Beast Flames, they can’t be used to make any pills.  To just swallow the Beast Flame, you need the Extreme Ice Grass. If you want to swallow a Strange Flame, you also need a fifth spiritual level spirit beast magic core.”

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