Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 167

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Chapter 167: Whoever comes forward will be like this blade!

Ye Yu Xi and Qing’er charged forward, neither of them using a weapon.  In this kind of close space, using long blades or spears would not be as good as using one’s fists.

As expected, the few dozen guards in front saw the two mysterious people charging at them at an incredible speed, causing them to fall into chaos.

With Ye Yu Xi and Qing’er leading the way, the fatty lifted Shi Qing up and they charged towards the hall on the first floor.

“Daring to cause trouble in my arena, you are quite brave!”

When they charged to the first floor, an old man of around fifty gave a roar as he blocked their path.

“I’ll take care of it, you guys go!”  Ye Yu Xi gave a cold snort. There was a piercing faint light that came from beneath her cloak, as the Soul Devourer Blade quietly appeared in her hand.

The fifty year old old man was in charge of the arena and had a fiery temper, with a strength in the fifth spiritual level.  In Southern City and in the entire Ningyuan City, he was considered a first class person. Faced with Ye Yu Xi now, knowing that the other side belonged to Blood Enchantress, he did not dare be negligent.  There was a broadsword in his hand which he slashed out.


When the two of them clashed, their weapons collided.  Ye Yu Xi moved fast and after the first clash, she took the chance to dodge the old man’s broadsword.

With a dong sound, she kicked the old man’s behind and he flew towards the side door, slamming into the guard that had just caught up.

Ye Yu Xi grabbed the back of the sword and snapped in a cold voice, “If you dare take another step forward, you will become like this blade!”

The large blade in Ye Yu Xi’s hand was thrown into the air and she slashed out with her Soul Devourer Blade.  With a kacha sound, the large blade was snapped in two.


Seeing this scene, the guards all took a step back and no one dared move forward.

Ye Yu Xi revealed a trace of a cold smile under her cloak, knowing that she had achieved her purpose by causing this shock.  She quickly turned around and left the arena.

“Old He, do we chase?”  A guard asked the old man who had been defeated by Ye Yu Xi in one move in a daze.


The old man sent out a slap, “I say, are you an idiot!  Who is that, that is the Blood Enchantress group! Do we chase?  Do you even want to fucking live!”

The old man cursed the people on the side and vented the dissatisfaction in his heart.  After cursing for a long time and venting most of his anger, he said to one of the timid servants on the side, “Send news to the Jia Manor, their people have been taken by the Blood Enchantress group.”


After Ye Yu Xi’s group took several detours, they arrived back at their yard.

When they just arrived, they saw Ye Wen and Ye Man in the pavilion.

Ye Yu Xi raised one brow, “Did something happen?”

“Young miss, the Dragon Snake Gang has just sent news that over five  hundred different people have entered the Ye Manor over the past few days and not a single one came out.  Their identities are unknown, but what is certain is that they are not Ningyuan City’s people. Also there is other news that the Ye Manor’s second miss Ye Bing Fan has broken through to the fifth spiritual level.”  Ye Wen said.

Ye Man also stood up, “Over the past few days, the seventh prince and Ye Xing Yong have entered the City Lord’s palace several times, and the City Lord’s wife has also gone once during this period.  We don’t know what the seventh prince has been doing.”

Ye Yu Xi nodded.  She never thought that Ye Bing Fan would break through this close to the competition, but the other things were all within her expectations.  The words Blood Enchantress can cause quite a bit of fear in Ningyuan City, the Ye Manor must be making some defenses.

As for the City Lord’s wife, she was gradually implementing the plan Ye Yu Xi had given her.

Ye Yu Xi revealed a very mysterious smile.  It was time for her to stand up!

She waved her hand to have Ye Wen and Ye Man retreat to the side.

Ye Yu Xi had her back to Shi Qing on the stone bench and said, “Since you’ve already woken up, then you should get up.  There’s no need to pretend.”

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