Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 165

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Chapter 165: It’s fine to knock them out

Qing’er attacked first.  Using the momentum of her movement technique, she sent a fist at the man’s face.

The man did not dodge.  With his rich experience, he could tell that this punch was a feint!

As expected, Qing’er’s fist changed directions in midair.  With a quick turn, it moved towards the man’s side.

The two were evenly matched, no one could take advantage for a while.

Ye Yu Xi watched Qing’er’s attack and gave a slight nod.  Qing’er did not use all her speed, she didn’t even use half of her full speed.  This was what Ye Yu Xi assigned her to do, to fight with just her body.

Looking at this, a thought passed in Ye Yu Xi’s mind.  She said to the fatty, “Fatty, how many moves would it take for you to beat that brat.”

The fatty watched the two fighting and considered it, “If we fight barehanded in the arena, around ten moves.”


Ye Yu Xi looked at the fatty with a strange gaze.  The fatty is in the fifth spiritual level, the brat in the arena was just in the third spiritual level!

The fatty saw Ye Yu Xi’s slightly confused look and explained, “Boss, don’t look at me like this.  This brat only has a bit of skills, he can’t enter this fat master’s eyes. If I use my new movement technique, it’ll only take three moves.”

Ye Yu Xi said to fatty, “Have Qing’er come done, fatty you go.  Wear our cloak and break one of his arms. Knock him out, don’t kill him.”

Ye Yu Xi knew that one had to sign a waiver before entering the fighting arena.  If the fatty was merciless, he would be beaten to death and there would be nothing to play with.

“Understood.  Boss, watch properly!”  Fatty called out before going out to put on a cloak.

Ye Yu Xi watched the fatty leave before speaking to Qing’er in her mind, “Qing’er, pretend to be beaten by him and let the fatty go.”

Qing’er on the stage was stunned.  She knew that the fatty had brought the young miss here and although she didn’t know why the young miss wanted her to pretend to lose, she could still only do it.

Qing’er deliberately let the man’s fist hit her and using the strength of the fist, she flew off the stage.  She landed firmly on the ground and said, “You win!”

After saying this, Qing’er left the ring with the roar of the audience.

With Qing’er “fall”, the arena workers came to the ring and shouted in a loud voice, “Shi Qing has won, are there any other challengers!  Everyone in the audience should quickly place their bets, the chance to become right is here!”

The fatty jumped out with a cloak on and landed in the ring.  He cupped his hands at Shi Qing on the other side and said in a hoarse voice, “Are you interested in exchanging a few moves?”


The fatty appeared.  Accurately speaking, the crowd under the stage saw the black rose and silver skull on the cloak, causing them to fall silent.

Some people began to whisper and the sounds of discussion became louder and louder.

“That seems to be someone from the Blood Enchantress group!”

“Why are they in here, who offended them again.”

“Something is about to happen, quickly leave……”

The staff on stage pointed at the fatty walking over and shouted, “What are you doing, do you know where this place is!  Don’t you know the rules! Quickly get down or I’ll call people here!”

“Rules?”  The fatty gave a cold laugh in his heart.


The fatty sent the worker pointing at him flying with a single kick and muttered, “You’re quite lucky today, being able to point and curse this fat master, but still getting out alive.”

The worker was sent flying with a single kick.

Everyone was stunned.  The arena was a first class power in Ningyuan City, did this person on the stage not understand what it meant to become enemies with the arena!

From the moment the fatty sent out a kick, Shi Qing had been staring at the fatty, “Who are you!”

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