Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 168

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Chapter 168: I will make you feel regret!

Shi Qing suddenly sat up and vigilantly looked at Ye Yu Xi and the surrounding people.  He had stayed in the underground arena all year round and knew a few things about Ningyuan City.  The things these people were talking about, each name was related to a first rate power in the city!

“Brother, being locked onto by our boss, you’re really unlucky.  Just accept it.” The fatty placed a hand on Shi Qing’s shoulder which was immediately slapped away by Shi Qing, who vigilantly looked at the fatty.

Qing’er’s brows twisted, “Damn fatty, what are you saying!  Do you not want your ears anymore!” Saying this, Qing’er reached a hand to grab the fatty’s ear, who deftly avoided it.

“Since you know our secret and have seen out faces, you only have two choices.  The first is death and the second is to stay.” Ye Yu Xi looked at Shi Qing. She already knew that Shi Qing was awake, so she had Ye Wen and Ye Man report everything, just to have a reason to not let Shi Qing leave!

Shi Qing looked at the fatty not far away with a slight look of fear.  When he fought with the fatty on the stage, it gave him a deep sense of helplessness.  Only the girl in front of him, the feeling she gave him was that her spiritual energy cultivation was not high, being around the same as his.

Thinking of this, Shi Qing looked at Ye Yu Xi, “You are the boss here?”

Ye Yu Xi nodded.

“How about we make a bet?”  Shi Qing asked.


Shi Qing saw Ye Yu Xi’s casual response and decided to take a gamble, “I’ll have a duel with you.  If I win, you let me go. If I lose, I’ll follow you.”

When Shi Qing said this, the fatty, Qing’er, Ye Wen, and Ye Man all looked at Shi Qing like they were looking at an idiot.  They thought in their minds: Is this idiot brain damaged…..Did he not even know how he was brought back…..

The fatty was the first to react, giving a laugh, “Brother, how about we fight.  Meng should fight with other men.” The fatty was trying to be considerate. Fighting Ye Yu Xi, Shi Qing had no chance of winning.  In front of all these girls, Shi Qing wouldn’t have any face in the future.

Shi Qing misunderstood the fatty’s good intentions, thinking that the fatty was the higher strength guard by this young miss’ side.  He stared right at Ye Yu Xi and his voice filled with a trace of taunting, “What, you don’t dare?”

Ye Yu Xi seriously looked at Shi Qing and slowly raised a finger.

“What do you mean?”  Shi Qing watched Ye Yu Xi’s action.

Ye Yu Xi’s lips slightly parted, “One move.  If I can’t defeat you in a single move, it’ll be my loss!”

The fatty and the others looked at the two of them with an expectant expression.  It had been a long time since they had seen the boss this serious!

Ye Wen and Ye Man were fine, but the fatty was filled with expectation.  He was subdued by the boss like this before, it was quite clean…..The fatty remembered it even now!

Shi Qing gave a snort, “I will fill you with regret!”

Ye Yu Xi slowly moved through the yard.  There was a gust of wind, raising a bit of dust and a few leaves.

Shi Qing seized the moment Ye Yu Xi blinked to send out a punch.

Ye Yu Xi stood there as her left hand moved out as fast as lightning, before she dodged Shi Qing’s fist.

Right after Ye Yu Xi stepped off, her body floated out and fell down.  Her left hand was to her side and there was an extra leaf in her hand. Looking closely, there was a small drop of blood on the leaf.

Shi Qing stood where Ye Yu Xi had been before, but there was a wound in a fine line on his neck.  His raised fist had not even come down yet and his eyes had already popped out!

Cold sweat began to drip down Shi Qing’s forehead.

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