Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 138

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Chapter 138: Ningyuan City news

Qing’er suddenly understood something!  That’s right! The mercenary group the young miss made was announced!

The two of them found an empty alley and draped the cloaks over them before heading to the Spiritualist Guild.


The Ye Manor’s back yard.

Yan Hua looked down at Ye Xuan Ran and the third madame lying on the beds.

Ye Xuan Ran had her limbs and dantian crippled by Ye Yu Xi.  The third madame had been slapped silly by Ye Yu Xi while also losing her spiritual energy.  After resting in the Ye Manor for all these days, they didn’t look any better.

Ye Xing Yong had found the various famous doctors of the city, but they all helplessly shook their head.  They planned on giving up on treating the mother and daughter, but today they met a grade two alchemist, allowing Ye Xing Yong to see hope again.

Yan Hua did not have any expressions as if treating the two of them would lower his status.  He said in a calm voice, “The young girl’s injuries can be cured. There is a chance of recovery if she uses two pills for a while.  As for the third madame, she was too weak before and her brain is injured, so this old man is helpless.”

“Many thanks elder Yan, this lowly Ye cannot thank you enough.”  A sinister look flashed in Ye Xing Yong’s eyes. As long as his daughter was cured, he could find the perpetrator!  


The fatty and Qing’er did not delay any longer after they finished their work, quickly rushing back to the Heaven Mountain Range.  The Ye Manor had received reinforcements, this was a large matter and there might be a conspiracy.

Shua, shua, shua!

The fatty and Qing’er had already been baptized by the Purple Source Berry, largely increasing their speed.  With the support of their spiritual energy, they could travel a thousand miles each day. Rushing through the night, they arrived at the Heaven Mountain Range by dawn.

Ye Yu Xi was currently leading Ye Wen and Ye Man to train with the Purple Thunder Monkeys when she saw the fatty and Qing’er returning.  Her eyes filled with a trace of surprise, “Why did the two of you come back so quickly?”

“Hu——Boss, I, I have to tell you, something has happened!”  The fatty and Qing’er were out of breath from running. After speaking bit by bit for half an hour, they finally told Ye Yu Xi everything that happened in Ningyuan City.”

Ye Yu Xi thought about what the fatty said before looking up at Bai Jin Yi and the two of them said the same thing, “The same group!”

“What, what same group?”  The fatty was confused hearing this.  He had been talking about reinforcements the Ye Manor received, but what was the boss talking about.

Seeing that Bai Jin Yi said the same thing as her, Ye Yu Xi was even more certain of what she thought.  The people the Purple Thunder Monkey King had lost to had high cultivations and it had been easily beaten by one of those people.

Adding in the token left in the valley and the timing of the Mingyue Sect people arriving in Ningyuan City, it should confirm that they were the same group.

“Mingyue Sect……Could it be the seventh prince knows that I’ve killed Li Yong and are looking for outside help?”  Ye Yu Xi considered this. She had cleaned the scene back then and left no witnesses or anything that could be traced back to her, so why did the Mingyue Sect people come to Ningyuan City?

There was too little information in these deep woods and she couldn’t determine much from the things the fatty told her, but it was certain that these Mingyue Sect people were enemies.

“Boss, there is something else I forgot to tell you.  The underlings of the seventh prince we let go back then, only two of them returned to Ningyuan City and the rest of them seem to be all dead.”  The fatty added.


Ye Yu Xi’s heart skipped a beat.  Those several dozen men were all the seventh prince’s guards and they weren’t weak.  If it wasn’t for the fact they met her, they could walk through the outer perimeter of the Heaven Mountain Range without care, but only two people returned.  Could it be that someone else went against the seventh prince, could it be the Primary Martial Auction Hall?

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