Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 139

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Chapter 139: Wild training

The day of the Ye Manor’s rite of passage was approaching and there were more and more problems.  Ningyuan City was like turbid waters, the surface was calm, but the depths were filled with danger.  After they went back, Ningyuan City would become a storm of blood.

Ye Yu Xi was contemplating various variables and had a preliminary plan thought out.  She stood up and said in a cold voice, “We’re increasing the intensity of the training and we’ll head back to Ningyuan City in two months!”

Everyone knew that Ye Yu Xi was preparing for the fight when they went back.  This time was their final chance to increase their strength and even the usually lazy fatty was becoming serious.

This serious nature of course did not include the sickly beauty Bai Jin Yi.

Bai Jin Yi looked at Ye Yu Xi prestigious appearance and said nothing.  He had already heard everything the fatty said from the shadow’s report and he knew even more than the fatty.

Ningyuan City had already become a net, waiting for Ye Yu Xi to be caught.

But Bai Jin Yi did not plan on telling Ye Yu Xi, as he hoped to watch Ye Yu Xi pass through everything.  If she couldn’t even pass through the little waves of Ningyuan City, it would be hard for her to survive in the outside world in the future.

Training, training, wild training!

In the following month, everyone smiled much less as they focused their entire mind on training.  The intensity of their training had also increased.

This was because the Purple Thunder Monkeys had been taking the Purple Source Berries for a long time, so their fur was already very tough.  It was hard for weapons of the same level to cause any damage to them.

Ye Yu Xi’s group began to train all out, going from catching the monkeys to fighting with them.  Ye Yu Xi even promised the monkeys that if they could injure them once, they would receive three roasted rabbits that day in order to incite the monkeys’ desire to fight!

As the saying goes, a man dies for money and a bird dies for food.  The monkeys were the same. With the temptation of the delicious food, they went all out against the fatty and the others.

At first the monkeys still held back a bit, but they found that even if they injured these people, they would be able to heal up in just a bit, so they began to use all their might, as if they were chasing off enemies.  Qing’er and the others had their battle abilities soar like a rocket.

After a day of normal training.

Ye Wen wiped of her sweat before walking to Ye Yu Xi’s side.  After the training of many days, her eyes had lost their tenderness from before and was now flashing with a sharp blow, “Young miss, I want to ask for more training.”

Ye Yu Xi looked at Ye Wen with a bit of surprise before nodding with satisfaction.

Ye Wen was the one with the best innate talent among the three of them.  With the help of pills over the past few days, she had already broken out of the third spiritual level, stepping into the early fourth spiritual level.  Qing’er and Ye Man were also in the late third spiritual level, able to break through at any time. Just a single adult Purple Thunder Monkey was not enough for them to fight anymore.

“Your mercenary group members have broken through, but your strength is still in the third spiritual level.  Your rite of passage is in less than two months, are you not worried?” Bai Jin Yi sat behind Ye Yu Xi, looking at Ye Yu Xi’s back with an evil expression.

Even if it was Bai Jin Yi, he had to admire Ye Yu Xi’s group’s perseverance.  Their innate talent was not high enough, but they kept persevering. In just a short one month, their average had increased by a level.  If they met the seventh prince’s guards again, Qing’er and the other could deal with them with their own strength.

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