Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 137

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Chapter 137: Mingyue Sect visitors

“Ai, little brother, don’t listen to Big Mouth Zhang’s nonsense.”  Another middle aged man from the same table couldn’t listen any longer.  He spoke up to cut Big Mouth Zhang off and said to the fatty, “The large news over the past few days is definitely the respected visitors that came to Ningyuan City.”

“Oh?  Guests?  Could it be a member of the royal family?”  The fatty was very curious this time. A guest that came make the citizens discuss the issue, just what kind of person was it.

“A member of the royal family isn’t enough.  Let me tell you, this time it’s actually someone from the Mingyue Sect.  The entire Ye Manor and the City Lord’s concubine have all come to welcome them!”  The middle aged man looked at the fatty.

The fatty’s expression changed as his heart became heavy.  The Mingyue Sect was a giant in the Ice Mist Country. Other than the royal family, there were no other powers that could restrict them!

“Old brother, thank you.  Your meal will be paid for by my table, many thanks, many thanks.”  The fatty cupped his hands before sitting back at the table Qing’er was sitting at with a heavy face.

He looked over at Qing’er.  Qing’er had also heard what that table had said and her face was just as heavy.  The Mingyue Sect people coming to Ningyuan City, the Ye Manor and the City Lord’s concubine greeting them, it seems like it was impossible for the seventh prince to not be related!


The Ye Manor, the guest house.

Family Head Ye Xing Yong had a smile on his face as he stood to the side.

Other than the seventh prince, there was also a girl that seemed to be sixteen-seventeen, an old man, as well as two men standing behind the old man.

The girl was wearing a light blue robe with a crescent moon weaved of silver thread on her chest, where there were five golden stars around them.

These were the Mingyue Sect’s special training clothes.  A crescent moon surrounded by five golden stars represented the fifth spiritual level!  This girl was not old, but her strength was this terrifying.

The old man was wearing a dark blue robe, but the symbol on his chest was different.  It was not a crescent moon, but rather a golden pill that had seven silver stars around it.

The seventh prince looked at the guests in front of him.  He recognized the girl, but he had never seen this old man before.  He looked at the girl with a questioning gaze and asked, “Junior sister Leng Qing, this elder is?”

“Elder brother, this is our Mingyue Sect’s honorary elder, senior Yan Hua.  He is in the seventh spiritual level and also a grade two alchemist!” Fang Leng Qing respectfully looked at the elder sitting beside her, introducing him to the seventh prince in a slightly proud voice.

Second grade alchemist!

The seventh princess and Ye Xing Yong’s hearts skipped a beat, each one having their own thoughts.

“So it’s elder Yan.  I have long heard of your fame, this younger generation has been disrespectful.”  The seventh prince naturally knew the importance of an alchemist.

“Your highness doesn’t need to be so respectful.”  The old man gave a slight nod as his eyebrows revealed a slightly proud look.

Ye Xing Yong on the side finally took the initiative as he stood out and bowed to Yan Hua, “Elder Yan, this lowly Ye has a request!  I ask elder Yan to help and the Ye Manor will heavily reward you!”


After the fatty and Qing’er finished their meal, they went to the stores to buy daily necessities.  This time the fatty was smart and bought several hundred pounds of each spice…..Almost cleaning out half the shops in the city.

“Fatty, we’ve bought most of the things we need to buy, let’s head back.”  Qing’er really wanted to leave. Spending half the day buying salt, oil, and vinegar was not interesting at all.

The fatty had been wandering around all day, but he wasn’t feeling tired at all.  He looked at the sky and said to Qing’er, “Why should be go back so early, we’re still not done here yet.”

“What is there left?  We’ve already bought most of the cooking ingredients.”

The fatty gave a laugh.  He looked around to see if anyone was looking and took out two cloaks from his ring before giving one to Qing’er, “Didn’t boss say that we should get some news from the Spiritualist Guild!”

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