Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 106

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Chapter 106: You’ve lived for too long!

“You’ve lived for too long!”  Bai Jin Yi turned into a flame as he charged at the giant snake’s head.

Only, Bai Jin Yi was late by a step, the giant snake had already gathered the spiritual energy around it.  Its head slip open as a horn formed, causing this giant snake’s aura to change, turning into that of a Dragon Snake!

The violent aura swept past Bai Jin Yi and the golden flames around Bai Jin Yi was submerged in this violent aura.


Time passed by minute by second.  Ye Yu Xi leaned against the tree trunk and felt that her surroundings were filled with silence, knowing that most of the Purple Thunder Monkey had gone back to sleep.  Sitting up and jumping out the tree, there was not a single monkey that noticed her.

After falling down, Ye Yu Xi did not remain still.  Spiritual energy filled her legs as she began to run towards the other side of the mountain.

The forest was very silent and other than the sounds of one or two insects, there was no other sounds.  Ye Yu Xi’s attention was completely focused in front of her and other than a few occasional faint fluctuations, there wasn’t the pressure from before.

This mountain was much bigger than Ye Yu Xi imagined.

Ye Yu Xi thought that if she ran at full speed, it would take her five-ten minutes to reach the mountain ridge.  Or perhaps close to the other side.

However, Ye Yu Xi was wrong.  It took an entire hour for her to reach the mountain ridge.  She jumped onto a tall tree and looked over the range. She was not a rash person, if she wildly ran into the forest, she might not notice anything even if she ran around until dawn.

The best method was to stand on a high place and looked over the terrain, looking for anything strange.  That voice filled with coldness and pressure just now, it must have come from a spirit beast. A spirit beast that could release that kind of pressure, it definitely was not small!

It was a good thing there was enough moonlight.  Although the forest was dark, standing on the ridge looking down, she could still see some things.

On the other side of the mountain, there was a  sudden burst of flames. Then the surrounding trees kept falling as if there were giant spirit beasts rolling around.

Once something strange happened, it immediately attracted Ye Yu Xi’s attention.  The spiritual energy fluctuations around her went wild and became crazy, like it was doing its death throes.


There was the same cold beast’s roar from before, but there was no anger and faint pressure like before, rather there was a trace of pleading to it.

Hu.  Ye Yu Xi jumped down from the tree and she rushed in the direction of the burst of flame from before.

With a straight target, Ye Yu Xi’s speed increased by another level.


Ye Yu Xi stepped onto something and she stopped moving.  Looking down, she saw that she had stepped onto a skull. Looking at the broken bone shards, it should have died for several decades.  With the wind and sun, adding in the moisture of the forest, it had already become very brittle.

Ye Yu Xi had killed countless people in her previous life, so she was already numb.  She did feel any fear and didn’t care about it as she continued forward.

But gradually, Ye Yu Xi felt that things were not right because there were more and more kacha, kacha sounds coming from under her feet.

The spiritual energy fluctuations from the burst of flame from before was much smaller and it wasn’t as wild as before.

Ye Yu Xi had changed from running on the ground to jumping from the trees, it was a good thing there were enough trees.  Ye Yu Xi was also forced into this because there were more and more bones on the ground, to the point where she had no places to step……

Even if it was Ye Yu Xi, she was a bit surprised in her heart.  The forest soil was covered in white bones. The spirit beasts and cultivators that died here had reached several tens of thousands!

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