Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 105

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Chapter 105: Prepare to die then!

When Ye Yu Xi heard Huo Ling’s translation in her mind, she was even more curious!  (Author note: Huo Ling translating will be omitted from now on…..)

“You haven’t gone over there once before?”  Ye Yu Xi felt that the Purple Thunder Monkey elder was not telling the entire truth.

The Purple Thunder Monkey elder’s eyes turned deep as if he was remembering something.  He then said in a slow voice, “There were monkeys that didn’t pay attention to the ancestor’s rules in the past and intruded in that area, but they never came back.  Not only us Purple Thunder Monkeys, in these past few years, there were other spirit beasts and cultivators who entered, but not a single one came back alive. That is a forbidden place, that is the consensus through the mountain range.”

Oh?  It was no wonder they didn’t meet many spirit beasts during the day.  With this kind of place here, the strong spirit beasts were more willing to compete for other territory.

“Since the other side of the mountain is a forbidden area, then why don’t you leave this mountain for another mountain?  Why do you need to live here?” Ye Yu Xi’s words were the truth. A forbidden area one should get as far as possible, but they still remained here even knowing it was a forbidden area.  There must be a reason normal people did now know about.

The Purple Thunder Monkey elder gave a sigh and revealed a helpless expression, “There is something here us monkeys need to guard, it’s better if the young miss does not care about it.  The young miss should set her plan after the sun has come up.”

Ye Yu Xi nodded.  Seeing the Purple Thunder Monkey elder telling the other monkeys to sleep, she jumped into a tree and pretended to sleep.

The monkey elder was not willing to take her, but Ye Yu Xi would not let it end like this.  However, she couldn’t walk off in front of the monkey elder since they they a cooperative relationship after all.  The training of fatty and the others would depend on the help of these Purple Thunder Monkeys.

Ye Yu Xi’s eyes were closed as she pretended to sleep, but her attention was on the fluctuating spiritual energy waves coming from the other side of the mountain.  She in the sixth spiritual level could send out her energy waves several dozen meters, but for energy waves that could pass through the entire mountain, if it was a human, how terrifying was their cultivation!  Was the earthquake just now because of this? Just what was it on that side of that mountain that could be this strong?

Being filled with questions, Ye Yu Xi laid against the tree trunk, silently waiting for the monkeys on the trees to fall asleep.


Bai Jin Yi had been fighting the giant snake from the air for an entire hour now!  Even with Bai Jin Yi’s strength, there was still a trace of a tired knitted brow. It was clear that long term use of spiritual energy for Bai Jin Yi was not a small consumption.

That several hundred feet body of that giant snake came together.  There were black patches all over its scales, especially the tail. The scales on its tail was incomparably smooth before, but now it was a mess of flesh and blood that gave off a burnt smell.

The head of the giant snake was still high up, looking down at Bai Jin Yi standing on the ground.  The giant snake’s pupil was blood red, looking very demonic. Its purple tongue kept sliding out of its mouth, “Lowly human, you have completely angered me!  There has been no one that can withstand this move from me! I will swallow you whole, prepare to die!”

After this, the giant snake’s head began to sway with a strange movement.  The surrounding spiritual energy seemed to respond to its calls as it quickly gathered around that snake head.

The golden light around Bai Jin Yi was much dimmer, but his eyes were firm.  Watching the change with the giant snake, the pressure around him began to change.  Especially on that giant snake’s head, there was a faint aura of destruction. Bai Jin Yi thought this was bad as he released all the spiritual energy within him, causing golden flames to surround him, turning him into a man of flames.

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