Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 107

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Chapter 107: Battle end

The battle between Bai Jin Yi and the giant snake, no it was more accurate to say Dragon Snake, had ended.

Bai Jin Yi had a trace of fatigue in his dual pupils and the golden spiritual energy surrounding him was flickering, looking weak.  The only stable thing was the golden flame surrounding his right hand. His entire had was inserted into the Dragon Snake and the golden flame kept burning the Dragon Snake’s flesh and scales.

“Human, let me go.  I can give you a chance.”  The Dragon Snake’s voice was finally no longer aloof and revealed a trace of pleading.

Bai Jin Yi’s current expression could only be described as cold.  His tone did not have a trace of retreat and was firm as iron, “I’ve said this before, you have lived too long!”

Bai Jin Yi had a high cultivation.  When he came here late at night, he found the bones in the forest.  From that moment, Bai Jin Yi had made up his mind that no matter what monster it was, he would take care of this scourge!

The Dragon Snake’s eyes were filled with a deathly grey colour as a faint cold light shined out, “Human, die!”  The Dragon Snake’s body suddenly tensed and without caring about the golden flames, it tightly held Bai Jin Yi’s arm within itself.  Its head suddenly came down and bit at Bai Jin Yi’s body.

Bai Jin Yi’s expression changed.  He never thought that the Dragon Snake would still have this much power when it was injured like this.  The golden flames suddenly shot out, forming a several meter long flame blade.

At the same time, the Dragon Snake’s fangs had already reached Bai Jin Yi’s body, causing both of them to be injured.


Spiritual energy filled the sky just like an invisible hurricane.  A circle of sound waves with this human and snake in the center spread out in all directions.

Ye Yu Xi was currently running through the forest when a giant wave of spiritual energy came from in front of her.  Even with Ye Yu Xi’s high sixth spiritual level cultivation, she was still forced back two steps by this spiritual energy, having to grab onto a tree to stabilize herself.

After that spiritual energy wave blew through, the forest returned to silence.  Even the faint spiritual energy fluctuations from before had disappeared, leaving only the ruffling trees, silently telling everything that had just happened.

Ye Yu Xi’s feet moved faster and she rushed forward with an even faster speed.

Around five minutes later, Ye Yu Xi finally arrived at her target.  There were no flames here, but seeing the scene in front of her, Ye Yu Xi knew that this was the place the spiritual energy waves were coming from.


Just what had happened here!

Ye Yu Xi jumped onto a tree trunk that fell onto the ground and cautiously moved towards the center.  The first thing that caught her eyes was a giant snake’s over a hundred feet long body, currently twisted on the ground.  Half the space was occupied by its body, but not it was just a corpse, not moving at all as it laid on the ground.

There was also a large hole in the center of the space, as if this snake had drilled out of the ground.

Although there were no signs of life from the thing in front of Ye Yu Xi, she was still cautious.  She held her dagger in her hand and prepared to attack at any second as she moved step by step towards the giant snake’s corpse.

When she came close, Ye Yu Xi found that there were many burnt scales on the snake’s body.

Looking at these, Ye Yu Xi suddenly stopped moving.  There seemed to only be a snake’s corpse here! There must have been a strong person or spirit beast that fought with this snake!  Was it a person or another spirit beast? Did they leave?

Ye Yu Xi heart jumped up because it was very likely that it was a human who just thought this snake.  There was no other reason, it was because she had never heard of many spirit beasts being able to use flames!  When you became a spirit beast the level of the giant snake, your entire body can be considered a treasure. If a person were to kill it, it was impossible for them to leave the corpse.

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