Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 896

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Chapter 896: Bigger, thicker, and heavier

This was the method that Chen Ning gave her.  Actually she only gave one word which was: apologize.

The Eldest Princess had lived this long and it was her first time apologizing to someone.  Her words were hard to say that even she felt that they weren’t sincere enough.

Ye Ting Xuan was very smart and immediately heard it.  With a cold snort, he whipped his sleeve.

“The Eldest Princess’ words are heavy, this citizen does not dare accept.”

When he was about to leave, he suddenly saw the Eldest Princess take out a washboard and threw it down in front of him.

“What do you want to do?”  Ye Ting Xuan angrily glared at her.

She wouldn’t be using a new trick to torture and shame him, right?

The Eldest Princess knelt down on the washboard and looked up at him.

“Young master Ye, if you don’t forgive me, I won’t get up.”

Ye Ting Xuan was stunned and he stood there in a daze.  His mind became a mess from the Eldest Princess’ actions and his heart that was a cold lake was suddenly filled with waves.

For a while, he didn’t know what to say or do as he just simply looked at the Eldest Princess in a daze, looking at each other.

The two of them stared at each other for a long time.  The Eldest Princess was shaking from her pain, almost as if she couldn’t kneel any longer, but she insisted on kneeling on the washboard.  Her body was shaking, but her eyes were stubborn and determined as she looked at Ye Ting Xuan.

“Ye…..Young master Ye, si, you, will you forgive me?”  She took a breath in from pain and asked in a small voice.

She suddenly found that when Ye Ting Xuan didn’t speak, he was just like a silent and mysterious mountain.  She could not see through him at all and was a bit afraid of him.

She was afraid that he would reject her again, afraid that he wouldn’t forgive her.

What could Ye Ting Xuan say?

In fact when the Eldest Princess apologized to him, his frozen heart had already started to melt.  He was not as cold and emotionless as he seemed, he was infatuated with the Eldest Princess and would sometimes be secretly happy.

Only a young man’s heart was prideful.  The more the Eldest Princess followed him, the colder his heart became.

When the Eldest Princess kneeled down to apologize, Ye Ting Xuan’s hard outer shell had already completely disintegrated.

He didn’t say a single thing before turning to leave, not looking back at all.

This made the Eldest Princess stunned.

She looked on in a daze as Ye Ting Xuan turned a corner.  She couldn’t even see a corner of his robe anymore and she hadn’t come back to her senses.

Everything she did and said was right, it was all according to the method Chen Ning had taught her.  Could it be the washboard she brought was too small? Did Ye Ting Xuan think that she wasn’t sincere enough?

The Eldest Princess was filled with regret, she should have brought a bigger and thicker washboard.

With a “pa” sound.

A washboard that was bigger and thicker than the one she was kneeling on was thrown in front of her.

The Eldest Princess looked up and saw Ye Ting Xuan.  He was looking at her without any expressions.

She suddenly understood, he really did think the washboard she brought was too small.  She gritted her teeth and when she was prepared to painfully move her knees onto the washboard he brought, she suddenly saw Ye Ting Xuan fall down and kneel on the washboard.

“Young master Ye, you, you, what are you doing?  You, you, quickly get up…..Aiyo!”

The Eldest Princess was in a panic and wanted to support him up, but who knew that her knees couldn’t take the pain.  When she tried to stand up, her legs went soft and she fell down.

Ye Ting Xuan reached out his arms and the Eldest Princess fell into his embrace.

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