Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 897

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Chapter 897: Not letting him marry

The two of them looked at each other again and suddenly their faces blushed.

Thinking of this, Ye Ting Xuan suddenly gave a long sigh and he looked down at the Eldest Princess.

“The idea of kneeling on a washboard, did Ning’er give it to you?”

The Eldest Princess gave an “ah” sound.  She suddenly covered her mouth and she looked around in a panic.

This is bad!  How could she have accidentally said this.

“No, no, no……Yes, yes, yes…..”  She wanted to deny it, but also couldn’t deny it because she wanted Ye Ting Xuan to know that the person they should thank for the fact that they could have today was Ning’er!

She didn’t even have time to repay Ning’er for this before she left to a far off place.  In this life, she could never repay her for this grace.

“That’s right, it was Ning’er who taught me this.  She told me that imprisonment could never obtain a person’s heart and if I wanted to obtain your heart, I had to let you see my sincerity.  She said that I wouldn’t understand for a while, but she also told me that your heart is very soft and you would definitely forgive me if I apologized.  Ting Xuan, Ning’er is the real person who brought us together! We can have this kind of happiness, but she can’t have this happiness at all, how can I not be sad!”

When the Eldest Princess said this, her tears began to flow.

“I understand princess.  I know that Ning’er is a good girl and for a good girl like her, she will definitely find her happiness.  You don’t need to worry about her…..” Ye Ting Xuan held the Eldest Princess’ shoulder and comforted her.

“How can I not worry!  Ting Xuan, if you say that kind of thing again, you are a person without a conscience!”

The Eldest Princess couldn’t help glaring at him.

Ye Ting Xuan revealed a faint bitter smile.

It wasn’t that he didn’t have a conscience, but…..He thought of the girl that he had quick contact with before.

It was strange speaking of it.  He had only said a few words with her, but he could feel that this girl understood him very well and even he understood her very well.

The method she taught the Eldest Princess had immediately hit the weakest part of his heart, making him unable to resist.

Thinking of this, he felt a deep gratitude for Chen Ning in his heart.

If it wasn’t for her, he still wouldn’t know what was hidden in his heart and would still be cold to the Eldest Princess.  The fact that he could have this kind of beautiful relationship with the Eldest Princess, the first person to thank should be her.

She was also this smart.  In the reading steles on horseback competition, he had only given a small gesture, but she had seen through his meaning, making him sigh with emotion.

It was strange, he clearly knew that she had married to the far East Qin, but Ye Ting Xuan could vaguely feel that it was like she didn’t leave at all.  Moreover, she definitely was not as unhappy as the Eldest Princess thought she was.

Ye Ting Xuan thought of her clear eyes and the toughness in the bottom of her eyes.  He knew that this girl wouldn’t succumb to fate and she would grab her own happiness in her own hands!

But, this feeling was very subtle and even he had a faint trace of it in his heart.  Even if he told the Eldest Princess, she definitely would not believe him.

“Ting Xuan, you’re this smart, help me think of a way so my royal brother won’t marry that ugly cripple, alright?”

The Eldest Princess’ whimsical words scared Ye Ting Xuan.

He shook his head in shock, “Eldest Princess, this is not a joke, you can really lose your head.”

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