Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 895

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Chapter 895: Second Chu Shao Yang

Thinking of Chu Shao Yang, she was annoyed again.

“It’s all that brat Chu Shao Yang’s fault.  If he didn’t lock up Ning’er and abuse Ning’er, Ning’er wouldn’t have decided to marry that East Qin Crown Prince.  If Ning’er didn’t marry far off, my royal brother wouldn’t marry someone else because of his broken heart. He actually wants an ugly and crippled girl as his empress…..Isn’t this too wrong for him?”

She had just scolded Mo Chuan, but she was filled with worried for him in the blink of an eye.

Ye Ting Xuan’s heart was warmed.  The Eldest Princess was overbearing, but she was kind and warm.  He didn’t like her for her position, rather he liked her for her kind and warm heart.

He suddenly lowered his head and placed a kiss on the Eldest Princess’ cheek.

That warm and soft lip touched the Eldest Princess’ face and she was stunned for a while.

She slowly looked up at him and saw his warm eyes filled with love.  Suddenly, her warm tears began to fall.

“Ting Xuan, do you know?  When I tried chasing you with every way, but you ignored me no matter what, the fact that we can have this day is all because of Ning’er.  If it wasn’t for Ning’er’s words suddenly waking me up, perhaps I would have become a second Chu Shao Yang…..”

The Eldest Princess placed her face in Ye Ting Xuan’s embrace and her tears flowed down.  She thought of her past self, imprisoning him in her palace because of his appearance and style, not considering his thoughts at all.  Thinking of what she did before, how was it any different from Chu Shao Yang using the iron chains to trap Chen Ning?

“Silly girl, how can you be Chu Shao Yang!  Ning’er didn’t like Chu Shao Yang, but I…..liked you!”  Ye Ting Xue said with a faint smile.

He couldn’t help thinking of when he first met the Eldest Princess.  He was prideful when he was young and although he was filled with gratitude to the Eldest Princess because of her saving him, because of the hatred and embarrassment of her locking him up, he had hid his love and appreciation because of this shame and hatred.

So seeing her appear in front of him in a domineering manner, he thought of the day he lost his freedom.  He felt sick from the bottom of his heart and didn’t want to take an extra glance at her.

Until that day when the Eldest Princess came to find him.  When he wanted to avoid her out of hate, the Eldest Princess suddenly grabbed his sleeve and spoke in a very small voice.

“I…..I came to apologize.”

Ye Ting Xuan almost suspected there was a problem with his ears.


The proud princess who had her eyes on her forehead was actually apologizing to him?  He must have heard wrong.

Ye Ting Xuan pulled away his sleeve and turned to leave.  Looking back, his eyes fell onto the Eldest Princess’ face and he saw a kind of cautious expression that he had never seen on her face before.

She was embarrassed and her eyes were filled with tears, looking at him with clearly red pitiful eyes.

Ye Ting Xuan was stunned.

He thought that he saw a fake princess.

The Eldest Princess in his memories shouldn’t be like this.

She was aloof and arrogant.  She liked his appearance and kidnapped him back to her palace, treating him as her exclusive property!

“Young master Ye, I really am here to apologize to you.  I have offended you and wronged you before, you…..Can you forgive me?”

To have the proud Eldest Princess say this was harder than killing her, but if she didn’t bow and recognize her wrongs, she would never obtain Ye Ting Xuan’s forgiveness.

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