Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 894

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Chapter 894: Man who deserved death

With a “qiang liang” sound, the sword in the Eldest Princess’ hand fell to the ground.  She looked at Ye Ting Xuan who just came in with a face filled with shock, simply not daring to believe the news he brought.

“Ting Xuan, what did you say?  My royal brother is getting married?  He’s getting married to a cripple? Who is also…..very ugly?”

She charged over to grab Ye Ting Xuan’s hand and unknowingly using force.

Ye Ting Xuan let out a painful “ze” sound as he looked into her eyes and giving a serious nod.

“It’s completely true.  In just two days, it will be the emperor’s wedding.  Eldest Princess, we should prepare a gift for the emperor.”

“Gift?  What gift?  Why should this princess give him a gift!”

The Eldest Princess’ eyes popped out and she let go of Ye Ting Xuan’s hand as angrily shouted, “Has my royal brother lost his mind?  For her country, for the citizens, for him, Ning’er…..gave up her lifetime of happiness and married off to the far East Qin, marrying a man she doesn’t love!  But just when she left for a few days, my royal brother is marrying someone else, is he still a man? All you men are all heartless beasts!”

Ye Ting Xuan couldn’t help revealing a bitter smile.  The Eldest Princess was even condemning him, but wasn’t he innocent?

He knew that with the Eldest Princess’ temper, she would be like this after he told her, but he had to tell her.  Even if he didn’t tell her, this large matter would reach the Eldest Princess’ ears eventually. It definitely couldn’t be hidden from her.

“Shh, Eldest Princess, be a bit more quiet.  What you’re saying is incredibly rude, if the emperor hears this…..”

“So what if the emperor hears it!  Let him hold this princess responsible and let him cut off my head!  This princess has to say it, he has wronged Ning’er, he has wronged Ning’er!  He is a heartless and evil beast…..Wu!”

The Eldest Princess shouted with a red angry face, not caring about anything.

“Eldest Princess!”  Ye Ting Xuan’s face turned white and he quickly covered her mouth, while also hugging her.  His heart was about to jump out.

Although this was the Eldest Princess’ palace and everyone here was the Eldest Princess’ people, there were still many people.  If the Eldest Princess’ careless words were carelessly spread to others, even if she was the emperor’s blood related little sister, there was no promise nothing would happen.

“Ting Xuan, tell me, are you men all really like my royal brother?  Are you men all not wholehearted to us women?”

The Eldest Princess was suddenly like a deflated ball, not having any energy at all.  She leaned against Ye Ting Xuan’s chest, resting her head against his shoulder and holding his wrist in her hands.

Normally she wouldn’t lean against him like this.  In her heart, Ye Ting Xuan was just a weak scholar.  If she slightly leaned against him, he would fall over.

But at this time, she leaned against his chest and felt the warmth of his embrace.  Although his chest was not thick, it was still filled with power.

“Princess, Ting Xuan’s heart for you, do you still not understand?  Could it be that I should be like King Ding Yuan and dig my heart out for you?”

Ye Ting Xuan warmly looked at her and softly stroked the Eldest Princess’ hair, speaking in a voice filled with a slight ridicule.


Although the Eldest Princess was angry, annoyed, and hurt, she still laughed at Ye Ting Xuan’s words.

“Ting Xuan, you don’t learn good things, why do you have to learn from that unruly nephew of mine!”  She looked at Ye Ting Xuan with eyes of rebuke.

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