Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 893

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Chapter 893: She will definitely feel regret

Civilian girl?  Ugly girl? Also a cripple?

When Chu Shao Yang heard this, he let out a sigh of relief.

But following that, he charged over and picked up Xiao An Zi again.

“Nonsense, how could the Empress Dowager allow an ugly cripple girl be the empress!  Impossible!”

“It’s, it’s, it’s true.  This servant heard that this ugly empress was personally picked by the Empress Dowager.  The Empress Dowager held a garden party and invited several noble and civilian girls just to pick an empress for the emperor.  But without knowing why, the Empress Dowager finally picked an ugly cripple for the emperor. Three days from now, the emperor will get married to that ugly empress.”

Chu Shao Yang finally believed this.

He was stunned for a while before he suddenly looked up and broke out in laughter.

“Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!  Chu Mo Chuan, ah Chu Mo Chuan, you planned so long to take her away from me, but even though you took her heart, you couldn’t take her body!  Ha, ha, you’re actually taking an ugly cripple as an empress, this is heaven’s punishment for you! This is retribution for you! Ha, ha, ha!”

He laughed so much that he almost began crying, laughing louder the longer he laughed.  His voice reverberated through the entire corridor.

Xiao An Zi looked at the wildly laughing Chu Shao Yang and his heart felt more pain.  He couldn’t help slowly retreating.

The stunned feeling Chu Shao Yang had over the past few days completely disappeared.  He took quick steps as he left the underground stone room and returned outside again.

Hearing that Mo Chuan was about to marry an ugly cripple suddenly cured him of his self destruction.

Standing in the yard, he narrowed his eyes and looked at the sunlight in the yard.  He took a breath of fresh air and felt his vitality filling his body again.

“Chu Mo Chuan, in three days, this king will definitely participate in your wedding.  This kind wants to see you marry this ugly cripple. Ha, ha, it will definitely be interesting, this king is filled with expectation!”

A look of excitement and expectation filled Chu Shao Yang’s eyes.  He almost couldn’t wait to enter the palace to see this interesting wedding.

But his eyes looked to the side and fell to his reflection in the pond to the side.  The figure in the pool suddenly scared him.

Who was this dirty and unkempt man that looked like a beggar?

Was it him?

How did he become like this?

He looked at his reflection in the water in a daze and suddenly shouted, “Someone, quickly prepare a bath for this king!”

He definitely couldn’t go to the wedding like this.  He didn’t like it and Ning’er wouldn’t like it!

“Ning’er!  Ning’er!”

Chu Shao Yang muttered her name and his heart suddenly became warm.  He thought, if Ning’er knew that her beloved man was about to marry someone else just a few days after separating from her, will she be hurt?  Would she regret her decision?

She would definitely feel regret!

In this world, there was no man who loved her more than Chu Shao Yang, who was more sincere to her.  No matter who she married, he would always love her! He definitely would not be like that cool blooded man, marrying someone else!

Chu Shao Yang was filled with self confidence.  He would make himself stronger, strong enough to compete against East Qin.  When that day comes, he would appear in front of the East Qin Crown Prince and Ning’er, defeating him and taking back his beloved woman!

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  1. sujeong18 says:

    In this world, there was no man who loved her more than Chu Shao Yang, who was more sincere to her. 
    It’s shocking that he actually believes this nonsense….love? Love my foot!
    Thank you for this chapter.

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