Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 892

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Chapter 892: His weakness

Chu Shao Yang closed his eyes and the drunkenness came up, but his mind was incomparably clear.  Everything that appeared in his mind was her face, she was angry, frowning, dissatisfied, and happy.  However, no matter what face it was, he would never tire of it.

He opened his eyes and all he saw was darkness.  There wasn’t her face, there was nothing.

She had already left, marrying to the far off East Qin.  He would never see her again.

The tears fell from the corner of his eyes and he silently began to cry.

There was no one here, there was just himself, there was no one who saw his face of weakness.  No one had thought that their iron blooded heartless highness would one day cry like a helpless child, lying in this dark stone room.

There was anxious footsteps that suddenly came from outside.

“Your highness!  This servant has something to report!”  It was voice of Chu Shao Yang’s personal attendant, Xiao An Zi.

“Scram!”  Chu Shao Yang gave a hoarse roar, like the angry roar of an injured beast.

He raised the wine jug in his hand and threw it.  The copper cast jug slammed onto the stone door and made a large noise, scaring Xiao An Zi, causing him to suddenly stop moving.

Xiao An Zi bit his lip.  He knew that this was his highness’ most tragic time, but he had to touch the old tiger’s butt because there was something he had to report to his highness.

“Your highness, this servant just obtained news from the palace.  Three days from now, the emperor will be married and has invited your highness to attend.”


Chu Shao Yang roared out again.  His voice passed through the thick stone door and it scared Xiao An Zi into shivering.

He quickly left with soft steps and didn’t even dare be too loud.

Chu Shao Yang knit his brows and shook his drunken head.  What did Xiao An Zi just say?

The emperor was getting married?

He jumped out of the bed and his bare feet touched the ice cold stone floor.  The ice cold feeling came from the bottom of his feet and made him sober a bit.

The emperor was getting married?  Who was he marrying? Could it be Ning’er?

When he thought of Chen Ning, all his drunkenness disappeared.  He immediately pulled open the stone door and charged out of the stone room, shouting into the stone corridor outside the door.

“Xiao An Zi, scram back here for this king!”

Xiao An Zi who hadn’t reached the end yet trembled and he stopped in fear.  He quickly ran back and kneeled on the ground.

“You said the emperor was about to get married, who is he marrying?  Tell this king everything!”

Chu Shao Yang grabbed Xiao An Zi’s clothes and lifted him up.

“Reporting, reporting to your highness, this servant…..This servant doesn’t know, this servant really doesn’t know.”  Xiao An Zi replied in a shaking voice.

There was a pine wood torch lighting the passage to the stone room and the faint light was shining onto Chu Shao Yang’s face.  Xiao An Zi almost didn’t dare believe his eyes.

He simply did not dare believe this man with a scruffy beard, terrible body odour, and a drunken face was his family’s handsome and dignified highness.

Chu Shao Yang was angry and his eyes were red.  He raised his leg and sent a kick into Xiao An Zi’s stomach.  Xiao An Zi flew out and his back hit the stone wall, spitting out a mouthful of blood.

“If you say you don’t know, this king will take your life!”  He said in a sharp voice, like a man eating beast.

Xiao An Zi bore the pain and replied, “Your highness, this servant really doesn’t know who the emperor is marrying.  This servant has just heard that it is a civilian girl who is ugly. Not only is she ugly…..she is incredibly ugly. Also…..Also, she is a cripple…..Ke, ke.”

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