Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 891

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Chapter 891: Ascend the tree to become a phoenix

She silently thought: Empress Dowager, this servant does not intend to help the emperor and miss Chen lie to you, but rather this servant can’t bear to break the news to you.  When you find out the truth later, you can scold and beat this servant, but I hope you will not try to separate them.

Empress Dowager Zhou really didn’t have any doubts about her words at all, she didn’t even ask about it.  She just excitedly held Su Jin’s hand.

“You came back right on time.  The clothing department has just sent over the wedding robes prepared for the emperor.  This widow’s eyes aren’t good, quickly come over and help this widow pick. Which one is the best for the emperor on his wedding day?”

Su Jin said with a smile, “Alright.  This servant is just afraid this servant’s eyes aren’t good enough and the one chosen won’t match the Empress Dowager’s thoughts.”

“You have been with this widow for all these years, you have always done things according to this widow’s wishes.  The one you choose will definitely satisfy this widow.” Empress Dowager Zhou revealed a smile.

As expected, it was like Mo Chuan expected.  Empress Dowager Zhou didn’t question anything because she was too rushed.

There was only three days before the emperor’s wedding, she had many things to prepare in three days, she was so busy that she didn’t even have time to sleep.  Although she was busy, Empress Dowager Zhou didn’t feel tired at all, she was completely filled with joy and excitement.

Seeing this kind of Empress Dowager Zhou, Su Jin was happy and worried.

As the wedding approached, she became more and more worried.


The news of the emperor’s wedding spread across the capital city’s every single street in just a single night.

For the citizens, it was a joyful matter.

Moreover they heard that the emperor’s empress was a civilian girl, not a girl from a respected noble family.  Her being from a girl from a civilian family like them made them feel more respect for the emperor in their hearts.

They all asked about which family’s girls was this lucky to suddenly ascend the tree and become a phoenix.

But asking around, not a single person could find this empress’ background and couldn’t even find her name.

But this was not important, there was no reduction in the love the citizens felt for their young emperor.

They could dress warmly and eat until they were full, which was all brought to them by this young emperor, so every household began to quickly prepare for the emperor’s wedding.

Every family hung a lantern in front of their door and sprinkled water on the street, cleaning every street of the capital city.  Each person had a look of happiness, almost like it wasn’t the emperor getting married, but them instead.

This news was naturally also sent to Chu Shao Yang’s ears.

Since Chen Ning left for East Qin, he did not come out, not taking a single step from his king’s palace.  He locked himself in the stone room he had locked Chen Ning in before, lying on the bed she had laid on, drowning himself in wine.

He never went to morning court and he didn’t care about anything that happened in the court.

Because she had left, she had taken his heart with her.  His chest was empty and he spent the entire day drunk, dreaming of death.

There were times when he was drunk that he would hug the two cold chains, silently crying.  He thought of every wrong thing he had done to her, with regret biting his heart like a viper.

“Ning’er, I know my wrongs, I truly know my wrongs now!”

He painfully placed his face onto the cold iron chains, like she was in his embrace.

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