Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 890

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Chapter 890: Waiting for raw rice to become cooked rice

“You can say nothing at all.  Since you’re worried mother will be hurt knowing the truth, you can just hide it from her for now.  As long as you don’t say anything, mother won’t chase this matter because her most trusted person is you, aunt Su Jin.  As for the rituals of the three books and six ceremonies, this one does not want them at all. This one will give an order and skip all of this etiquette.  This one just needs a simple and grand wedding ceremony in three days!”

Mo Chuan suddenly winked at Su Jin and that casual expression made Su Jin stunned.

She had never seen the emperor acting this naughty in her life, he wasn’t like this even when he was young.  He always had a serious face since he was young, always revealing a straight face without any expressions.

But the current emperor seemed like a completely different person.  Not only could he smile, the expressions on his face became much richer.

Could it be the change was all brought by that girl named Chen Ning.

Su Jin let out a sigh.  Her heart had already softened, but she still had some doubts.

“Emperor, paper can’t hold back the fire forever.  This servant can help you hide it for a while, but can this matter be hidden from the Empress Dowager forever?  The Empress Dowager will learn the truth eventually.”

“This one does not plan on hiding it from mother forever, this one just needs your help in hiding it for three days.  When this one is married to her and the raw rice becomes cooked rice, when there is this one’s flesh and blood in her stomach, do you think mother will be cruel enough to force away a mother and child when she learns the truth?”

Mo Chuan looked at Chen Ning with a faint smile, with his eyes going from her face to her stomach.

Chen Ning’s face instantly became red with embarrassment and she stomped her foot as she shouted, “Mo Chuan!  You…..”

“I what?”  Could it be that after we are married, you don’t want to give birth to a child for me and stay with me for a lifetime?”  Mo Chuan stretched out his arm and lifted her chin, kissing her without any explanation.

In an instant, not only did Chen Ning’s face turn completely red, even Su Jin’s face became warm and she didn’t know where to look.

She found the room was too small and cramped, there was no place for her at all.  If she stayed here, her heart would jump out of the room.

Su Jin quickly retreated from the side hall, closing the door for the two people tightly hugging each other before turning to leave.  When she left the palace, she patted her chest and the warm feeling on her face slowly began to reside.

It seemed like there was no power at all in this world that could break apart the deep love the two of them had.

Su Jin couldn’t do it, she believed even the Empress Dowager couldn’t do this.

Since it was like this, why shouldn’t she support them?

She had already thought of a way in her heart.  When she thought of the two of them wrapped in a sweet hug, she couldn’t help feeling happy for them and her lips curled into a faint smile.

“Empress Dowager, this servant has done what you ordered.  The background of the girl has been found and it really was this servant who made a mistake.  That girl is one of the civilian girls you invited into the palace. Her home is to the east of the capital city, having a normal background, but she is diligent and eager to learn, loving to read book the most…..”

Returning to the Peaceful Life Palace, Su Jin reported the lies she had already thought of to Empress Dowager Zhou.  She spoke very smoothly, but she deliberately hid Chen Ning’s name.

Seeing Empress Dowager Zhou’s smile, Su Jin began to feel more and more guilt.

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