Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 878

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Chapter 878: Quickly get married

“Empress Dowager, please calm your anger, please calm your anger.”

Su Jin quickly came forward to pat Empress Dowager Zhou’s back and whispered in her ear, “Empress Dowager, why don’t you agree to the emperor for now?  This servant feels this girl is very conscientious, so when she is married to the emperor, even if the emperor doesn’t want to marry anyone else, Empress Dowager can talk to her and have her convince the emperor.  This matter can’t be rushed. If after she marries the emperor, she gives birth to a white and fat grandson the next year, wouldn’t you be worrying for nothing?”

When Empress Dowager Zhou heard this, she thought it was too reasonable!  She was thinking too much!

“Alright, alright, alright, this widow agrees.  But emperor, this was said by you and you can’t regret it.”  Empress Dowager Zhou was afraid the emperor would feel regret.

“Your son definitely will not feel regret, I just hope mother won’t regret this.”  Mo Chuan looked at Empress Dowager Zhou, speaking words with deep meanings.

Empress Dowager Zhou said with a smile, “He, he, this widow personally picked the girl, how could this widow feel regret?”

“It would be best if it’s like this.”

After Mo Chuan said this, he suddenly stood up and walked in front of the green clothed girl.  Before everyone could react, he had already picked up the green clothed girl and walked out of the Happy Heart Pavilion.


All the people present couldn’t help letting out a surprised cry.

Empress Dowager Zhou also stood up and shouted in surprise, “Emperor, stop!  What are you trying to do?”

Mo Chuan stopped and turned around.  He had a smile of ridicule on his lips and it was unknown if it was for him or for Empress Dowager Zhou.

“She is the empress mother has chosen for your son and your son has already agreed to marry her, so she is your son’s woman.  Your son of course has to take his woman away, is there anything wrong?”

“You, you, you…..You’re being too rushed, you haven’t gotten married yet…..”  Empress Dowager Zhou looked at him in disbelief.

“We aren’t married, but we can get married as soon as possible, your son doesn’t want to wait any longer.  After three days, it will be Huang Dao Lucky Day, a very auspicious day. Your son wants to get married to her on that day!  As for the wedding ceremony, your son has to ask mother to take care of it. Your son thanks mother.”

Mo Chuan carried the green clothed girl and slightly bowed to Empress Dowager Zhou before turning around.  He quickly left the imperial gardens and the yellow figure soon disappeared from everyone’s sights.

Empress Dowager Zhou and everyone else here were all stunned.

The emperor’s actions was unexpected for everyone, it was simple too incredible!

The hearts of the girls were all filled with disappointment and many of them broke out in tears.  They had entered the palace with a dream, but they never thought they would have nothing in the end.  The emperor never spared them a single glance and the empress position actually fell onto the head of that ugly crippled girl!

If they went back, what could they say to their parents?

They couldn’t even compete with an ugly crippled girl!

“Don’t cry!”

The crying of the girls made Empress Dowager Zhou feel annoyed.  She rubbed her temples and felt her head ache.

Her head didn’t ache because of the crying girls, but rather her head was aching because of her troublesome son.

She was worried that after her son took the girl away, he would do something incredible.  She was worried that he would annoy the girl and the marriage would be over.

“Su Jin, why do you think the emperor took that girl away?  He…..wouldn’t be thinking of heading to the nuptial chambers with her ahead of time, right?”

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