Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 877

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Chapter 877: Marrying an empress, not a mother pig

None of them could refute this because Empress Dowager Zhou was telling the truth.

Empress Dowager Zhou and the emperor had given three questions today, but not a single one of them could answer a single question.  They were all suppressed by this green clothed girl who came out of nowhere.

Other than their appearance and their normal legs, how could they compare to her?

Knowledge, tone, style, and manners…..All the lady like properties they were proud of, the green clothed girl wasn’t inferior to them at all.

The girls were all like chicken who had lost, bowing their heads to admit their defeat.

“Emperor,  do you remember what you said when you came to find this widow that day?  You said that when marrying someone, you didn’t care about their appearance.  What, seeing that this girl isn’t beautiful, you’re feeling regret? Could it be that you’re like those ordinary people who only care about appearances?”  Empress Dowager Zhou glared at Mo Chuan, speaking in a strict voice.

Mo Chuan shook his head and said, “Of course not.”

“Since it’s like this, then you’ll agree!”  Empress Dowager Zhou aggressively said.

“Mother, your son…..”  Mo Chuan still revealed an awkward expression.

Su Jin and the girls couldn’t help sympathizing with him.

Ai, the Empress Dowager is too unreasonable, she actually forcing her son, the emperor to take such an ugly girl as his empress.  How could the emperor face her, even sleep in the same bed?

If he had to look at her ugly face, the emperor wouldn’t be able to stop himself from throwing up.

“Are you or are you not getting married?”  Empress Dowager Zhou coldly said.

Her tone and expression were already filled with impatience.

If Mo Chuan kept being hesitant, she would slap him and knock some sense into him.

“I will!”

“You, what did you say?”  Empress Dowager Zhou didn’t hear clearly and shook her ears.

“Your son said that since it is the girl picked for your son by mother, your son will follow mother’s idea and take her as my empress!”

Mo Chuan said word for word in an extremely powerful voice.

He looked at Empress Dowager Zhou, “Your son agrees to marry her, but mother, you best consider this clearly.  If your son marries her, I will not marry a second woman in my life. After your son gets married, you can’t force your son to take any concubines.  Your son’s harem only has her! Mother, can you agree to this condition?”

Empress Dowager Zhou was stunned.

Only marrying one woman.

This was not her intention.

Her meaning was to find a talented and virtuous girl for her son to become his empress, but her appearance wasn’t important.  If her son wasn’t satisfied with her appearance, she could arrange concubines for her son and he wouldn’t reject at that time.

But her son’s thoughts was that he was set on only marrying one person.  This…..What should she do?

Empress Dowager Zhou wanted her son to open up the royal family and give birth to many children, how could marrying one girl be enough!

“Alright, this widow agrees, but this widow has a condition.  If within three years, she can’t give birth to a grandchild for this widow, then you have to promise this widow you’ll marry a concubine!”

Empress Dowager Zhou was sharp and quickly came up with a condition.

Mo Chuan couldn’t help becoming angry, “Mother, your son is marrying an empress, not a mother pig!  Even if she can’t give birth to a child, your son won’t marry again! If mother does not agree, your son will never get married!”

“You brat, what nonsense are you saying!”  Empress Dowager Zhou was stunned and her face turned red with anger, “You, you, you……”

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