Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 876

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Chapter 876: Fulfill his promise

The green clothed girl also didn’t give up.  She walked to the table to the side and using her finger as a pen, she began to write on the paper.  Not long passed before a large piece of text was written on the paper.

Her hand stopped and she gave her writing to Mo Chuan.

“These are the methods this little girl can think of.  How to build dig out the river, how to create a dam, how to guide the flow, and how to excavate the soil, but this all still depends on the local conditions.  As for how to implement it, I ask you to send an experienced minister to consider it in detail.”

She didn’t have any pride on her face, instead she was very humble.  She didn’t say that her method would definitely be useful, which made Empress Dowager Zhou feel better about her.

Mo Chuan finished reading it without saying a thing.  He held the thin pieces of paper in his hand and didn’t throw them to the side after reading them.

Although he didn’t say anything, Empress Dowager Zhou had her own thoughts seeing this.

“Emperor, what do you think about this girl’s method?  This widow wants to hear the truth.” She asked in a serious voice.

Mo Chuan was silent for a bit, “Perhaps it can work, but it’s unknown.”  He ambiguously replied.

“He, he, this widow understands your meaning.  Since it’s like this, does the emperor still remember your promise from before?  If anyone can come up with a method to solve the flood and drought problem of the Wei River, you would marry them and take them as your empress!  This girl has solved this problem for you, so you should keep your promise.”

Empress Dowager Zhou looked at Mo Chuan.


The Empress Dowager really wanted this ugly cripple as the empress?

The mouths of the girls all fell in shock as they revealed looks of disbelief.

They couldn’t help looking at the green clothed girl with eyes of hate and jealousy.  Their burning eyes could almost burn the back of the green clothed girl.

What is good about this girl!  She’s ugly and crippled! Could the Empress Dowager be senile in her old age?

But even if the Empress Dowager was senile, the emperor wasn’t!  They could all see that the emperor was clearly not willing.

Originally, the emperor is this handsome, how could he like an ugly monster.

The young girls looked at Mo Chuan with expectant eyes.

Mo Chuan’s eyes paused on the green clothed girl’s face before he looked away.

He was only silent, not agreeing or disagreeing.

Even Empress Dowager Zhou couldn’t understand his meaning.

She was prepared to vent the words in her stomach, waiting for Mo Chuan to reject her to scold him.  But she never thought that he wouldn’t say a thing, so she couldn’t say anything.

“Emperor, what do you mean by this!  Do you agree or not! Speak for this widow!”

Empress Dowager Zhou waited for a while and seeing that Mo Chuan didn’t speak at all, she finally couldn’t take it anymore.

Mo Chuan looked at her and slowly said, “Mother, you’re certain that she is the empress you want to pick for your son?”

“That’s right!”  Empress Dowager Zhou firmly said.

Mo Chuan’s eyes swept over the green clothed girl, “Not only is she ugly, she is also a cripple, you really don’t mind?”

“This widow doesn’t mind!”

“She doesn’t have any family background, she is just a commoner girl.”  Mo Chuan added.

Empress Dowager Zhou said in an uncaring voice, “So what if she’s a commoner?  This girl is skilled and talented, she knows much more than those girls born in those large families!”

When she said this, all the noble girls looked down in shame, not daring to show their face in shame.

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