Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 875

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Chapter 875: Judging people by appearance, one will never amount to anything

Su Jin looked at Mo Chuan with a gaze of sympathy.

She had already discovered that Empress Dowager Zhou had developed a strange liking of this green clothed girl.  She couldn’t help asking in her heart, would the Empress Dowager really pick this crippled girl to be the emperor’s empress?  How could the emperor agree?

This girl was far lacking compared to the girl the emperor’s heart loved!

“Mother, your son has suddenly remembered that there are some matters that need to be taken care of, so your son will leave first.  Once your son has taken care of matters, I’ll come see mother again.”

Mo Chuan seemed to have seen through Empress Dowager Zhou’s intentions, so he couldn’t wait to pull himself away.

How could Empress Dowager Zhou let him leave?

She smiled as she patted the back of Mo Chuan’s hand, “Sit, sit, there is nothing more important than you picking an empress.  Moreover, we’re discussing the happiness of tens of thousands of citizens of the Guan Nan area and how to control the Wei River’s flood and drought problem, allowing the citizens to live a peaceful life.  Isn’t this something very important as well?”

Mo Chuan couldn’t answer her question and could only sit down.  He however looked away and didn’t look at the green clothed girl in front of him, as if there was no such person in his eyes at all.

Empress Dowager Zhou didn’t mind and she smiled as she looked at the green clothed girl.

“You have described three methods of controlling the river, but they were too general.  Can you go into a bit more details?”

The girl nodded, “What I just described was the basic method, I can write a more detailed plan on how to implement it.  But as for how it will be implemented and the local conditions, I’m not certain.”

Empress Dowager Zhou did not understand the new terms she used, but it didn’t affect her confidence in this girl.

“Emperor, this widow has always taught you that it isn’t shameful to ask.  When you meet someone who is better than you, you should focus on learning.  This girl has a good method to control the river, so why are you acting indifferent, not saying a word?”  She reprimanded Mo Chuan in a deep voice.”

Mo Chuan looked up in surprise, “Mother, you want your son to learn from her?  You want me to learn from a mouse whose hair isn’t even?”

“Audacious!  Emperor, are these the words of a country’s ruler?  It doesn’t matter if one is aged or not. This girl is young, but she understands more than you and me!  If you place no one in your eyes and judge people based on appearances, how can you do great things!” Empress Dowager Zhou’s face sunk and she suddenly slapped the table.

“Your son does not dare!”  Mo Chuan stood up in fear.

“Does not dare?  This widow sees that you are becoming more and more bold, there isn’t nothing you don’t dare do.”  Empress Dowager Zhou revealed a cold smile.

“Mother please calm your anger.  Could it be mother really believes this mouse’s…..this girl’s words?”

“It isn’t important if this widow believes or not, the most important thing is if her methods work or not!  Emperor, if you really love your citizens, why are you ashamed to ask. You would ask this girl to teach you how to control the river!  If her method can really cure the floods and the drought, it would benefit tens of thousands of our West Chu citizens!”

“Your son has learned his lesson!”  Mo Chuan revealed an ashamed expression as he gave a deep bow to Empress Dowager Zhou.

“The one you should apologize to is not this widow, but rather this girl!”  Empress Dowager Zhou gave a snort.

Mo Chuan was silent for a bit before finally looking up at the green clothed girl and spoke in a reluctant voice.

“If this miss has a method to control the river, this one wants to ask for this miss’ guidance.”

He said the word “guidance” in an insincere voice and Empress Dowager Zhou could hear it.  She couldn’t help glaring at him.

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