Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 874

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Chapter 874: Planning against her son

Empress Dowager Zhou waved her hand at the green clothed girl, “Girl, come over.”

The green clothed girl hobbled over and bowed to Empress Dowager Zhou and Mo Chuan.

“Greetings to the Empress Dowager and the emperor.”

“Good child, no need to be this polite.”  Empress Dowager Zhou looked at her with a pleased look.

She noticed that when the green clothed girl came over, Mo Chuan had been watching her the entire time, but she didn’t try to hide her crippled foot and didn’t show any discomfort or shame.

She was very open and she acted very courteously.  Knowing that Empress Dowager Zhou was looking at her, she slightly lowered her eyes, not looking at Empress Dowager Zhou.  This was the basic etiquette for a junior when meeting an elder.

This girl is very good!

But being so close, Empress Dowager Zhou could see the birthmark on her face more clearly.  That large purple red mark birthmark covered most of her face, covering her nose, brow, and eye on the left side.  It shocked her even more.

With Empress Dowager Zhou’s experience, she would feel uncomfortable seeing this kind of terrible birthmark and would quickly avoid her eyes.

But she noticed that the skin beside the birthmark was very smooth, just like beautiful jade.  Moreover, her face was very good, especially those clear eyes. Her eyes were bright and clear like a pool of water.

Empress Dowager Zhou could tell that if this girl didn’t have that large birthmark on her face, she would definitely be a country collapsing beauty.

A pity, a true pity.

But the regrets in Empress Dowager Zhou’s heart quickly faded like smoke.

God wouldn’t ever be too fair to a person.  He gave this girl outstanding talent and courage and calmness normal people didn’t have, he had to take something from her as compensation.

So not only did god take away this girl’s beauty, he also took away one of her legs.

But that was not important!

This was because the more god took away, the more he gave to this girl.  Empress Dowager Zhou believed that in this girl’s heart, there was even more virtue and knowledge than she had uncovered.

She looked at the green clothed girl without turning, just like she had found a precious gem from a pile of bricks.  Her eyes were filled with joy and praise.

She found that other than the birthmark on the girl’s face, her cheeks were rosy, her skin was white, her lips were red, her teeth were white, and she had a healthy luster to her skin.  She was completely different from those pale faced and fragile girls, her body contained the health and vitality of the sun itself.

After she married the emperor, she would definitely be able to give birth to a healthy and chubby grandson for her!

Empress Dowager Zhou’s heart filled with joy thinking about this and her eyes were filled with smiles.

It was like she could already see herself hugging her white and chubby grandson, waving his little arms trying to grab her face…..

“Mother, mother?”

Mo Chuan called her twice and Empress Dowager Zhou came back to her senses.  She blinked to find that there wasn’t a white and chubby grandson in her embrace and that scene just now was from her imagination.

However, she believed this scene would soon become a reality.

“Emperor, what did you call your mother for?”

Empress Dowager Zhou smiled as she looked at her son.  Those slightly narrowed eyes made Su Jin unable to stop her back from turning numb.

Ze, the Empress Dowager is planning against her son again!

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