Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 872

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Chapter 872: Tit for tat

Everyone could hear that the emperor’s voice was not kind and had a questioning tone to it.  He clearly didn’t like the green clothed girl, so he scoffed at her words and picked them apart.

Everyone could clearly understand that as a girl, it wasn’t easy to speak the truth like that.  For these young girls, they had never even heard of the Wei River or the Mother River.

But when the emperor didn’t like her, naturally the girls were happy.  However, Empress Dowager Zhou was annoyed.

“Emperor, this girl just said that she had several methods.  She hasn’t even said a single one yet, why do you need to this anxious!”  She glared at Mo Chuan.

“Alright, then your son will listen to this girl’s “good” ideas then.”  Mo Chuan curled his lips and spoke with a sarcastic voice.

Empress Dowager Zhou was even more angry.  She could tell that her son disliked this girl’s ugly appearance, so he made it hard for her.

But even if this girl was ugly, she was still a talent!

“This miss, you can assuredly say what you want to say.  Even if it’s wrong, this widow will make the decision for you.”  Empress Dowager Zhou turned to look at the green clothed girl.

She wanted to bet with her son.

She liked this girl and her son didn’t like her, so she wanted her son to open her eyes and see what a talented girl is!  Even if you don’t have the face of a national treasure, you could still sit on the empress’ throne!

Faced with the emperor’s coldness and the backing of Empress Dowager Zhou, the green clothed girl’s face did not change.  Her face was still as calm as ever.

“I ask the emperor, what method did the minister you sent to manage the river use?  They all used the same method of strengthening and increasing the size of the dam?”

“Humph!”  What responded her was a cold snort from Mo Chuan.

The green clothed girl nodded and said, “Only knowing how to block the problem, this is only a temporary solution.  No wonder the Wei River would flood every year, becoming worse the more it is controlled.”

Mo Chuan said with a cold smile, “Your meaning is that the ministers this one sent is not as good at controlling the river than a little girl like you?  Then should this one send you instead?”

“As long as the emperor gave the order, this little girl is willing to go.”  The green clothed girl replied without hesitation.

The two went through question and answer, going tit for tat.  The words between them were filled with gunpowder.

The green clothed girl was not respectful or fearful of Mo Chuan because he was the emperor.  She always had the same calm attitude and although her voice was gentle, she did not take a single step back.

The girls were stunned listening and seeing this.  If they didn’t personally hear and see it, they simply would not have thought there would be such a daring girl in the world, actually daring to go against the emperor.  If this girl was not a maniac, she was a fool!

Empress Dowager Zhou and Su Jin looked at each other and they could see the admiration in each other’s eyes.

“Emperor, you wouldn’t really give a decree and send this girl alone to control the river, right?”  Empress Dowager Zhou was completely convinced by this girl. Just based on her courage, her not backing down when facing the emperor’s prestige, and her ability to argue, she would support this girl to the end.

She was afraid that the emperor would give the decree in his anger, wouldn’t that be harming this girl?

Mo Chuan gave a snort and said, “Does mother think that your son is an unclear person?  She is just a little girl, what does she know about controlling the river!”

His expression and tone were filled with contempt.

Empress Dowager Zhou said with a smile, “The emperor does not believe her, but this widow does.  Girl, keep speaking.”

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