Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 871

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Chapter 871: Braggart

Mo Chuan didn’t call her by name and didn’t point at Xia Yu Yan to curse her, but she felt her face burning like someone had slapped her, filling her with shame.

She reflected on herself.  Even if she hadn’t read ten thousand books, there was still at least eight thousand, but they were all about poetry or songs.  As for books on other topics, she didn’t even look at them.

The drought and flood and the hardships of the citizens the emperor mentioned, she had read about in poetry books before.  She always skimmed over them and never read them properly, not having the slightest experience.

She always thought that she was talented and even the poems of those famous scholars couldn’t compare to hers.

Now she knew that she was a frog at the bottom of the well.  There were still many things for her to learn and just knowing a few poems wasn’t enough to be known as a talented woman.  Her talent…..was not worthy of being a country’s empress!

The young girls all realized that they were lacking and they silently retreated at the same time.

Like this, there was one person that was highlighted.

That green clothed girl had her brows knit in thought, not noticing the girls retreating beside her.  She stood in front of everyone, looking very awkward.

“Oh, this girl has come forth.  Could it be she has a good idea?”

Empress Dowager Zhou’s eyes looked over and fell on the green clothed girl’s face.  She had an enthusiastic look in her eyes.

She could see that the other girls had all retreated and only this green clothed girl was the only left thinking.

“Reporting to the Empress Dowager, this little girl has thought of a few ways, but don’t know if they are useful.”  The green clothed girl looked up, but she didn’t look at Mo Chuan and looked at Empress Dowager Zhou instead.

“Let’s hear them then.”  Empress Dowager Zhou’s eyes lit up.

The girls behind the green clothed girl took in a cold breath, looking at that girl’s back with looks of disbelief.  Their hearts were filled with grievances.

Humph, we know you’re a braggart!  All of use can’t think of a single method, but you can think of several methods alone, what a lie!

Just wait for the emperor and the Empress Dowager to pierce through your boasts and punish you.

The green clothed young girl in a moderate voice, “The Wei River is our West Chu’s largest river and passes through the Guan Nan area, being the main source of drinking and irrigation water for the citizens.  Many people name this the ‘Mother River’, but there is a large hidden danger to this mother river. It will overflow once a year and as long as it overflows, the villages and citizens living beside it will be hit.  So if we want to solve the Guan Nan flooding problem, we first control the river. If we solve the problem of the Wei River overflowing each year, we will naturally be able to solve the problem of the flooding.”

She said this very clearly and fluently, even Empress Dowager Zhou and Su Jin, as well as those girls who only knew how to write poems could understand.

So the flood was caused by this.

Many people’s eyes looking at the green clothed girl filled with admiration.

Mo Chuan did not even look at the green clothed girl as he said with a cold face, “It’s easy to say control the river, but how do we control it?  The court has already sent officials to look at controlling the river, but it is becoming less and less controlled. The Wei River only overflowed once every three years before, but now that it overflows once every year.  If we keep controlling it, would it become once every half a year, once every three months? Could the citizens keep going if this were to happen?”

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